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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Ish

Just some random thought from today (and now).

I think I just realized at 4:57 p.m. today that my pants were high-water. WTF??? Did they shrink over the course of the day? I was hella perturbed because I had to run to the mall. I know what I say when I see women with high waters on. It ain't good either. Pair that up with a chick who's 5'10 like myself and it only makes the situtation worse. I'm thinking to myself, "Now she know damn well they had them pants in Talls!" Oh well, the day is over, so that's that.

Also, tight-ass socks can probably cut your air supply off from your ankle to your brain. No wonder I was feeling light-headed all day.

My supervisor's breath was untameable today aka THAT FOOL!! Was it the coffee he drinks 24/7 or what? I felt like he'd unleashed the damn dragon on me during our "morning chat."

Why do people and say things that they good and well, they don't really mean??

I so glad I had the chance to live in Louisiana! I'll tell about it later.

Why in the hell is a college basketball game on, instead of America's Next Top Model? I need my fix, even though everyone on there, even Tyra work my nerves.

I'm addicted to YBF and Concrete Loop. Respectively.


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