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Friday, December 01, 2006


Ha ha...made you think about that ole D'Angelo video huh? Too bad he's an overweight alcoholic who doesn't believe in designated drivers. But damn, he could sing!

I'm at work. About to be sunken into that hole of boredom, which may eventually lead to me watching my eyelids. It's Friday, it's cold as hell outside and my hair looks a shitty mess. All of this makes me want to jump in bed and hide, then SLEEP.

Don't get me wrong, it could have been worse. Today I stood outside in 29 degree weather for a special event for only 15 minutes, instead of 5 hours like I supposed to. Count your blessings, huh? While there I was severely aggravated by my fellow African Americans, my Black folks. We're at a check presentation by our NBA team for my company that included giving food boxes to needy people. An organizatin brought their clients out for the event.

While the lady, who was young and white, was making the presentation, the women on the front row were screaming out, hollering at the basketball players and causing a scene. Now before you think I'm being an Aunt Thomasina, listen. Yes, it was embarassing as hell. Yes, the good white folks were making faces. I don't give a damn about the white people, but I hate that sometimes we don't know any better or aren't taught any better and when we act an ass, in white people's minds (those who think this way)we're proving them right about whatever thoughts and misconceptions they have about us.

So not fair. So finally when the girl next to me finished dancing to her "I Know You See It" ringer and answered it loud and continued to hold that GOOD conversation ON BLAST, I couldn't take it anymore. Asking the players to take you home with them is out of order, out of control.
Even the players, who seemed to be assholes, with the exception of maybe two, talked on stage the entire time. Playing around, being pro athletes, I guess. In the end, it really wasn't even about race, it was about home training and manners. Does anybody have any these days?

Glad I got that off my chest.


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