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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Wendy's Greeter

Remember Steve Harvey's joke about the mentally-challenged Wal-Mart greeter? I had my second or third encounter with the Wendy's Greeter, by my job. Not the first time I saw him, but every time is just like the first time.

I KNOW what you're thinking, "Wendy's doesn't have greeters. Do they???" The answer is hell no, but the one by my job created a special position for this dude. No sooner than you put your big toe over the threshold, he's in your face, "Hey, how you doin? You doin' alright??? Yesssss!"

Upon the first encounter, I don't care, mentally-challenged or not, you're thinking WTF?? Then you don't know how to act. Do you laugh, stay calm, ignore him or what? That is, after you've kindly said you're doing alright and don't need any straws right now. The line is always hella long at this Wendy's, even when it's not lunch hour, so one by one, people are coming in trying to hold in their laughter. Even the assistant manager at Office Max across the street, who has on a pocket protector everytime I see him! It's really sad.

After a while, it's not funny, but just plain aggravating. You can't even eat in peace. Leaving out he tells customers "The blood of Jesus on ya, brother (sister)." Wow. Nothing wrong with sharing affirmations of faith, but....I don't know, you just have to be there.

On the other hand, he's doing his job (to the tee, might I add) and I guess that's all that matters. I wonder am I being insensitive?


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