Quarterlife Mocha Girl

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Quarterlife Mocha Girl Goes Honey

The Quarterlife Crisis. We've talked about what it is. We know that if no one else is going through it, I am. I have a Masters degree in Public Relations. Did I mention that I left a job doing PR work (on a small scale) to teach financial literacy where I never use my degree? Yep, that's me. If that's not a crisis, I don't know what is! But then again, that's just life.

All of those degrees and work experience, but I had not been practicing my first love--writing. It's what I do. Due to a bad experience at a newspaper internship that I let get the best of me, I slacked in writing. In fact, I even cut back on reporting for my school's newspaper, and really stopped writing all together. There were a few pieces here and there, but nothing major. I never sent them to anyone. I could not get back into writing, especially during graduate school. Even my journal entries were becoming less and less frequent. That's where this blog came in. Sooooo.......

After sending in writing clips and email stalking the editor at Honey Magazine (just kidding!), I was asked to have my very own Honey Beehive Blog for Memphis! There, you'll get to see what I do in my city to have a so-called life. Where I go and what I experience. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. You know how much I love Honey. It was in that magazine that I first learned about the Quarterlife Crisis. How ironic.

I'm just blessed that my passion for writing has come back. Maybe something will come of it. Who knows? But this is surely a great beginning. So check me out under blogs at Honey. Feel free to comment, also. Thanks to God and thanks to you!



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