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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

About Time I Can Post Titles/Random Tuesday

Okay, I was getting worried. In the past couple of posts, I couldn't type in the title space. Ugh!! Posts look weird without titles. Anyway,on to the randomness.

My life is a broken record. Why must I go down that road again?

Why does Sonic Drive-in have handicapped drive-in spots? I mean, who's walking into Sonic? It's a drive-in. The employees walk, not the customers.

I want to slap the hell out of Larissa and her mama! We don't know better because our mamas and daddies don't raise us right. She has a lot of anger. Go get some help, Larissa!

My class follow-up was cancelled. I'm glad because it's raining and I'm still sleepy.

I got another email from a reader. Check out Ketrice at Fab Vixen.

I'm trying to add blogs to the blogroll, but they're not showing up.

When is Erykah Badu going to hit a city near me???? Teedra??? Jazmine? Where are you?

I'm still hating on everyone who went to Essence. Next year, baby!

An old co-worker emailed me about a dinner the job is having tomorrow. Thanks for the invitation, but I don't really want to go. I don't feel like answering questions. How are you? Do you like your job? How much money you making these days (no class!)Whatever!

Sometimes, staying is house and watching movies with good friends is waaayyyy better than going out.

I could slap Fantasia! I shed tears listening to her sing I'm Here. Umph!

That's it for now... peace.


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