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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Here's something that I can admit that I'm not proud of. I don't keep up with the news nearly as much as I should. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I was a journalism major and an aspiring writer. I was once a regular in the newsroom of my college newspaper, The Digest (feel free to do a search on me). Why don't I keep up with the current events?

I don't know. I watch the local news either when I'm getting dressed for work or before I go to bed. But it's so damn depressing. Yet, I still have to know what's going on? I watch CNN when there's breaking news or something really catches my eye. I've made a vow to myself (all of five minutes ago)to tune into the news daily, several times a day, if possible. It's a must that I stay informed.

But there is another reason why I'll be tuning into CNN news more often....


About a month ago, I saw this man on the Situation Room, but of course, they never flashed his name across the screen. The co-anchor never said his name. All I knew was this man was sexy as...well, you get the point. I recently found out that he's the anchor that Chilli was dating! Hey, girl-I know you look the exact same as you did in the Baby Baby Baby video, but leave our youngins alone.

I've been googling and Youtubing T.J. Holmes all morning after seeing him in the latest YBF post. Sexy and intelligent. And he's a Southern boy--from the University of Arkansas, to be exact. Check the smile. I'm in love.

Something about a black man....


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