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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Random Thursday

Hey ya!

No set theme today--just rattling off. For one, I'm slippin. I need to be writing--just because it's what I need to do right now. That decision I was talking about...forget about it. Shadiness at its best. Atleast in my opinion. I was telling a friend about the dilemma over Olive Garden cheese ravioli and shrimp, and she didn't know what to say. Whatever angle I looked at it, I came up with nothing. I'd said that I hadn't "heard" anything from God. So I was just wading along.

I got to work Monday and thought, I can't do this. How can tell people about money management? What credentials do I have? This curriculum is too basic...Blah, blah, blah. This is the kicker though. The mag publisher asked for a copy of my check stub to verify employment/income. Am I moving into an apartment or trying to get a job offer. I inquired what she needed from the stub by email. She replied the same. I replied that I'd never been asked to supply a check stub. Clearly, all you can do is offer me what you can afford to pay. If it works for me, it works. If it doesn't, oh well. The whole scenario was shady and bootleg from the start. I knew I had a funny feeling. My email was sent afternoon. You see what today is, right? No word, email reply or anything.

Meanwhile, I have added some key points on retirement and investing to my curriculum. I used the revamped curriculum in a class this week and everyone loved it! I really enjoyed the class. I felt more confident in what I was teaching. The evaluations were wonderful. I even got some emails about the classes that were (extremely) complimentary.

I took that as a sign that I need to stick around here for a minute. Continue freelancing on my own. I have to give this program a chance. I really believe that we can build it up. I still have this PR bug though. Some kind of way, I need to get into that on the side. I don't owe ole' Sally for nothing!

Some people talk too damn much! Namely my coworker across the hall. She rattles on and on about...nothing. Sweet as pie, but no one cares what you and your husband and his mother do. It's like she has nothing else to do, so she comes in our office and runs her trap like water. She has an answer to EVERYTHING and even if there's nothing say, she will find something. Silence is golden, babe, not tarnished. Sheesh!!!

Why is it that everyone around us can see what's not good for us, except for us?

Nothing funny has happened to me, as of late. Quite odd. Give it a couple more days...

Facebook and Myspace prove daily that the world is TOO FREAKING SMALL! Everyone knows everyone.

I hate Diddy and love him at the same time. Those poor boys don't have a chance in hell after the first album goes platinum. And that BET Awards performance? WHY?

Note to Diddy regarding his "career": Go find your nearest Home Depot or construction site and...KICK ROCKS!




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