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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Is How I'm Feeling

I'm asking myself the magic question (Hint: It's not 'When will I get married?') The question is: How do you (or I) make dreams come true?

I'll be damned if can't figure that out for anything in the world, although, I do have some ideas. And if you're reading this, if you want to run to the comment section and say, "There is no answer, just do it," kick rocks. Because it's not that simple all the time. Atleast not to me. Maybe that's my problem, eh?

Moving on....After reading my daily dose of blogs this morning, I am inspired to write. Not to write like other bloggers, even some of them have fabulous journalism jobs, but to write like me. Find my own style and flavor.

I am writing because how will I be a better writer, if I don't write?

I am writing because it is what I love to do.

I am writing because with random thoughts, comes story ideas to pitch.

I am writing because it's only so much Facebooking I can do.

I am writing just because....

Some things need to change...within me

What happened to the time when I used to just open up my notebook and write? I have short stories, characters, story lines--all of that in notebooks piled high in my amoir. Clearly, I need to go back and read them for inspiration. There is something lacking in me. I don't know what it is, either.

I couldn't possibly be burnt out. Could I? Maybe stress/boredom/complacency in other areas of life have spilled over. I don't know, but I have got to get out of this and get on with...whatever I'm supposed have going on.

Ugghhgh! I'm frustrated.

Where's my slice of cheesecake and wine when I need it?


  • At June 25, 2008 at 12:19:00 PM PDT, Blogger Jweezy said…

    Hey girl, I feel you... sometimes you get into a slump, sometimes that ish last a minute , or a day, or a couple months... I used to be big on writing and stories when I was younger and I always thought i would be a writer but when I sit down and try to write I get bored with myself...lol..and stop..imagine that... I'm thinking I just got to push through and let it flow, maybe its the same for you?

    Kick Rocks...lol...that's something I would of said.


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