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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Through the Eyes of Someone Else

It is apparent to me that we always see ourselves completely different from how others see us. Since Mr. Texter keeps in contact with me daily, trying to figure me out, he's gotten a very brief glimpse into the woman who is..me.

That doesn't say much, because I am complex. A complex simplicity, indeed.

Let's go back to this weekend. After getting delayed messages hours later, I missed out on his proposed quickie lunch date and met him at an outdoor mall near the restaurant, instead. Weird, right? Well, it was in the same complex as the restaurant, he'd already eaten and I needed to pick up some flip flops from Express. Walking around the store, I suggest he peruse through the graphic tees and he quickly gives me the no-sir. Not his style, he said. What-ever. He quietly takes a seat at the front of the store when he sees my eyes light up. Think: Take An Additonal 20% Off Redline Items. You get my drift, right?

I purchase only my flip flops (forgot my coupon!) and continue to saunter (as my mama says) around the mall. Light cotton wrap dress, flat gladiator sandals, bangle bracelet and oversized bag. Basically, just being me.

Yesterday, he tells me that I'm not what he pegged me to be. He says, "You're girly!"

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the understatement of the year. I mean, just last night, I started and ended WWIII trying to kill a fly with a shoe. I got his ass, too, btw! He likes the great outdoors. I do, too, if the temperature is just right, a beach is nearby and I can relax with a plate of delicious food and a drink. He likes golf. I do, too, if Putt-Putt counts. I am a GIRLY GIRL. So I ask him what did he think of me. He thought I had a "rougher edge." Umm, okay. Whatever you say, sir. How'd you come to that conclusion?

"Uhh, I don't know."

Exactly. And I don't either.


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