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Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Monday

So, it's Monday and it's not going exactly how I hoped it would. This was going to be a day of revitalization in terms of writing and job applications, money matters, blah blah blah. For starters, my phone hasn't been connected to the Internet since yesterday. And I procrastinated, as usual on getting a flight to Chicago, so I spent half of my mornng on the phone with customer service folks. Ughh!

Next, I call my mom to holler at her and of course, more news on Granny. It's so very depressing. Not the news itself, but my mom's outlook on it. I was going to visit her today anyway. I'm hoping for the best.

I wrote my first blog for Skirt! Magazine. It's a neat magazine for women, so you should definitely check it out.

Yesterday, the parental unit and I watched "Cover," a suspense thriller about infidelity, etc. Somewhat similar to Motives, but that's number one in my book as far as straight-to-DVD movies go. Can't beat Shemar! It had a very cliche' plot, yet it was still packed with suspense. Well, more confusion than anything. After watching it, I almost wept because a lot of things in that movie were real. A reality I don't want to see, I guess.

There was a segment on 60 Minutes about DNA testing. You know, the story about how the black woman found out she was related to a white man in Utah somewhere. That one. The story was heart-warming, but in a 15 minute segment, the reporter (white) called us several different monikers: African American, Black Americans, American Blacks (wtf?), Black. Regardless of what you or we prefer to be called on the scale of politcal correctness, can we just be consistent for the sake of journalism? Any editor in his/her right mind would demand that the reporter or writer be consistent throughout the story.

That really bothered me, as you can see!

-Out for Lunch


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