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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Thoughts While Eating Cheesecake Bites

I'm sitting up here...eating cheesecake bites, listening to these fools on Michael Baisden tell why they are not ready for a black president. Get the ___ outta here! Granted this is an old episode, there are still some people TODAY who will not vote in this historic election because they don't want to get summoned to jury duty. What the fuck is that about??? Atleast you get a day off work! Or they don't want Obama to get murdered. Pray for his safety and move on. The bottom line is what will be, will be.

I didn't even intend on writing about that, but...

So homecoming is coming up this weekend. I'm looking forward to it. It's my 5th year reunion in the Alpha Tau chapter of DST. Yay for Spring 2003! Anyway, the past two weekends I have chilled. Like foreal. I haven't done anything social for several reasons: I need to rest up because work is and will be kicking my ass until the end of the year. Also, there just isn't anything to do! Well, maybe it is. But still...

For like five minutes I thought how pathetic it was to not do shit every weekend, but then put all my excitement into one annual event where thousands of alumni will try to relive their 4-6 years of college in 2.5 days. That's what happens when you're an adult. What happened to making memories every day? Atleast every other weekend?

Anyway, maybe it's the period talking, which is why I'm STILL on these cheesecake bites.

Goodnight. Off to watch SNL slam the debates!


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