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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Guess I Should Post Something

Seize the opportunity while you can, someone once told me. So here I am...finally blogging again. It's been crazy busy for me lately. One of my bestest friends from college/LS/roommate visited this weekend. We chilled basically. The highlights are as follows:

Attending Smokie Norful's (her pastor) live DVD recording. I hope I'm on camera. Then again, maybe not. He was excellent and my fave, Ty Tribbett was there bouncing off the walls as usual.

Attending a demo for Zumba and pole-dancing/strip aerobics. (Don't ask how go went from gospel concerts to stripper poles--it was all my idea!) Two things I learned from that: I'm out of shape!! Like foreal to be the lil slim something that I am. It's a shame really. And finally, strippers need to win awards (if they don't already). That ish takes some strong muscles and stamina. After TRYING to swing on the pole, I gotta respect where it's due. I wasn't that bad though. A month or so and I'll be decent. Our instructor is in the Air Force. No more than 5'2, 100 lbs maybe. Fly a plane and work the pole. That's a bad B! I'm hatin'! lol

Eating the BOMB sushi at this spot out east. FRIED sushi is the best, hands down!

In other news, our new Boss Lady is arriving next week, so my supervisor has strategically planned and made it possible for everyone on the old wing of the office to switch offices. I now have her old office. A smaller space (which keeps me from falling asleep somehow) and my very own door to open or close. I think I'll go with the latter of the two. It's a gift and a curse though. See, there's a door, but next to it a window. So everyone can see as they come into the suite. What does that mean? It means that I have to stay busy or atleast look I'm doing something constructive at all times. That's not difficult these days though. Random cell phone convos and extended calls on the office phone? Out of the question. Oh well, moving up costs.

This morning, I looked like shit. No other way to say it. To me, anyway. This thing called PMS is real, people. I looked and felt like crap. Once I got into the office, I turned Fred Hammond on on my mp3. I said prayer and just sat there. It worked. I FEEL much better. Looks is another story though.

Anyway, that's about all I feel like updating you on for now. Oh, thanks for your feedback on that story. It's written and submitted. Can't wait to show it to you.


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