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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taking On Pain

It's been a long time, right? I'm kinda sorta down from my Obama high, still working hard and sleeping less (ugh!). I guess it's time to post. Last weekend, my Mama finally came over my house just to visit and chill for the first time in a year and half. We watched The Secret Life of Bees (yes, the bootleg!). The sister, May, who felt everyone's pain and emotions, I found is somewhat similar to me.

Have you ever said you love someone, but didn't realize that you really meant it until something terrible happened? Case and point: One of my church members--my Sunday School teacher (when I would go), our youth advisor--- passed last week. She was only 40 years old. My church family is really a family. We have disagreements, but overall, we're fairly close. This woman was so many things to us, the young adults, and especially the kids. She was a confidant, a comedian, a Bible Study teacher, everything. Just a good, Christian woman. She had three children, all teenagers. The funeral was pretty sad, yet good (if you know what I mean).

When I saw her only daughter cry uncontrollably and almost fall to the ground, my heart broke in two. I felt her pain deep, deep inside. Almost as if it were me on that pew. All day and even before then, I prayed day and night for God to be the comfort that they need. I know He will be.

So, I guess that means I really love those kids and I loved their mother. When you love someone, you feel their pain and what they're going through. But another day has come and I have a reassuring feeling that God is going to make everything alright. I hope in due time, they get that feeling, too.


  • At November 19, 2008 at 4:18:00 PM PST, Blogger A Go Bytch said…

    girl I feel her pain.. I remember going to funerals and crying because I hate to see people sad... but when it was my own father... I could not believe it could hurt soooo bad. And trust me it does.

    Go B.

  • At November 19, 2008 at 6:47:00 PM PST, Blogger NaturallyAlise said…

    I take on people's pain... it's the gift and the curse. I went to a funeral as a support for a friend of mine, and I cried just because I could tell how much that person meant to everyone even though I didn't know them. I broke down...... but not that I think of it maybe I was letting out some repressed sadness of my own... *shrugging shoulders*


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