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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tough Love

Ladies, if you haven't seen the show, watch it. It airs on VH1 on Sunday 10/9 Eastern. The premise of the show: Several women are coached on finding true love by a professional matchmaker who is pretty much cutthroat. I need him in my life, but since I can't afford him, the show will suffice.

From watching only two weeks of the show, I realize that all of my relationships, real and fake, have been completely dysfunctional and some of that is my fault. I'm in a drought more than I like because...I don't know how to date. I think I established that years ago, but now I have something to base it on. Let me bring you up to speed on the tips from "Tough Love."

1. When looking to meet guys, or at any time, look pleasant. SMILE.
2. Don't discuss these five issues on a first date: past relationships, religion, politics, finances and negative stuff. Although I've done it, I agree. I give this advice to my students for presentations. Atleast, if you present those issues, do it with ease.
3. Don't talk about your profession so much.
4. Texting should only on an "as needed" basis, until you are completely close/intimate with that person. Amen!!
5. When wearing slutty clothing, you will be treated as such: a slut. Period.
6. Eye contact is a good thing.
7. Sometimes we will miss our true love because of the tight lid we have on our criteria for a man. Example: If a women is in her mid/late thirties, it might be impossible to find a man who has never been married or doesn't have children. Also, don't expect to find a younger man, as he probably wants a younger woman, also.
8. Try not to give TMI (Too Much Information). Who wants to know immediately anyway?
9. Learn how to take a compliment. Example: If a guy compliments your new haircut, don't say, "Really? I hate it." Just simply say, "Thank you."

I can't remember anything else. These are just things I picked up on while watching. I haven't committed all of these dating crimes, but I most of them, I have. Shame. I was pretty aggravated about the fact that women have to jump through these hoops to "get a man." Didn't I just say that I was gonna stop reading and watching this stuff? We should be ourselves, right? Why follow all these rules. What happened to being real? Well, if being yourself doesn't get you anywhere...it's time for reinvention, I guess.


  • At March 23, 2009 at 11:07:00 AM PDT, Blogger Luvvie said…

    Yup, I've been watching it and it is GOOD! I didnt even think VH1 was capable of having a quality show, but I sure was surprised and pleased to see it. Will keep watching.


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