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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Words=?**&?!

I've been thinking (as usual) how crazy it is for two people to have two totally different ways of thinking about a situation. Listening to a guy friend last week, he metioned a girl in a situation who is his "friend" and has been for almost 20 years, but she is "kinda in love" with him. Wow. I guess that situation is slightly different because he knows how she feels about him.

What about when the woman sees a guy as a friend only. Let's even say an associate. The guy thinks they have been in something synonymous to a relationship for some time. How does that happen? And while we're asking questions, what does "dealing with" mean? As in, "we've been dealing with each other for a minute." And takers?

Yeah, I don't know either, but it has prompted me to take a look at how I communicate and "deal" with other folks. It's obvious, more than ever before, that lack of communication only causes confusion. Why did it take so long for that to sink in.




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