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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Sweet Dream Or A Beautiful Nightmare

When I woke up this morning, I was overjoyed to find myself in my bed, in my bedroom, in my house---back to reality. If you didn't know, I can sometimes have VERY vivid dreams. This dream? Vivid and scary all at the same time, but I have a couple of theories about why this happened.

The Dream: I had a baby. Calm down. I know this is a common dream. Every woman in her lifetime has probably had a dream about having a baby or being pregnant. Me, included! This time, I could really feel emotions though. I was holding this little bitty girl, wrapped up in blankets. I was just gazing at her. I was in love. I'd asked a friend of mine to hold her, only to go get another baby. A little boy. A small toddler. What the hell? I had two kids???

The icing on the cake was this: once the "afterglow" passed, I became frantic. I was screaming, "I have two kids! How did this happen?" I didn't know either. It was if someone had dropped them off to me, but yet I still had them. It's was definitely a weird one.

Two reasons for this sweet dream/nightmare: (1) A dream about a baby is supposed to represent new beginnings. Remember my theory about getting some communications duties at the job? I'm having a meeting with my supervisor in about an hour. Maybe that's it! Hopefully. (2) I had a phone conversation with a new guy last night and he kept asking me if I had children. I told him no and he still asked me. It was as if I was lying to him. Then he asked me did I want kids. As if I don't plan on having one just because I'm 28 and childless. When I told him I would like to be married first, he just made this funny noise like, "Humph." That's saying a lot about our society (no disrespect for single/unwed mothers--I come from one!) or either about his ways of thinking.

So, I'd given all of reasons for not having children and maybe that's why that dream showcased itself last night. I'll let you know how this other theory checks out in a minute.


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