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Monday, November 06, 2006

Getting Back to My Life

The weekend is over finally and I got my life back. After a very large event, I went to church, went car shopping, out to eat at a restaurant with terrible service and cold homestyle mash potatoes and immediately crashed for 13 hours straight. Man, was I tired. I needed that rest and I'm not finished either!

Yesterday I officially started the act of S.Y.A.D. and it was great! Now I'm able to do whatever I want to do that does not require a substantial amount of physical energy. Shopping around for a car doesn't count either. That's something that I absolutely HAVE to do. I got a pleasant surprise this morning on the way to work when the battery light popped on 3 minutes away from my job. I prayed all the way to work. That was the longest three minutes of my life. Just as the steering wheel was about to lock up, I screeched into my parking spot. Prayer works!

Another day in the life...


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