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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Making Up for Lost Time

This is my last one for today. I neglected to say that I have a job interview with a great company tomorrow evening. It came as a surprise since I don't even remember applying for the job. And I applied recently. Finally, all my profile making and email sending is paying off. I have an inside track at the company, so maybe things will work out.

Things have been on the up and up. I really have a good feeling about this one. It just seems like I'm stuck at my current job. Nowhere to go, but out the door, ya know? In the meantime, I also have other gigs lined up if this doesn't work out. I'm still applying to jobs like crazy. I really hope I get that teaching job and I'm going to do promotional work again, hopefully.

Confession: I encouraged people, helpless addicts to smoke. I was....a KOOL Girl. Yep, put me in all black with five cases of cigarettes in a hole-in-the-wall and fiends were sure to come. I needed money and it was $17/hr. I was making more than I do my real job if it was a full-time deal. I thought, "what the hell?" Even though I DETEST smoking, I gave any and everyone two packs each just to fill my quota. It got to the point when it was just disgusting. They were going crazy over the squares, foreal. It also didn't help when my Daddy had a heart attack and the #2 cause of it was smoking. He probably came out the womb smoking a cig though, but it didn't make me feel good knowing I was marketing smoking. Aside from the health efffects, the smoke stinks hella bad.

Anywhoo, I don't plan on marketing squares again. Let's try make-up or deodorant. Something girly. Wish me luck on this interview. Better yet, send up some major prayers.



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