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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm Just Sayin' Though

I got a problem with the following:

I'm looking at BETJ and a promo for some show is on. The voice over guy says 'Yada Yada. See it on Sundays and Wednesdays.' But on the screen Wednesday is mispelled. Wedsnesday. WTF? This is why they call BET Black Embarrasing Television. Or something like that! Let's be at one with spell check, please!

My supervisor is giving me work still like my last day is not in 1 1/2 days. Beat it buddy. I ain't doing sh___!

It has always bothered me that my coworker always wears high water pants. If I can find pants long enough for me, you can, too. That air hittin them ankes in the winter time CANNOT be fun.

Why does Lil Boosie constantly refer to putting baby powder on his chest on several songs? This may not bother you, but clearly, have you SEEN Boosie??

I'm so sick of this topic on Myspace/Facebook/emails, etc.: Hateration. Yes, hate makes the world go 'round. We already know this, get over it. People, please stop making references to Katt Williams' hateration jokes and repeating them like you made them up. If he already said it, it's not original when YOU say it. Seriously though, will you still be saying "you need 16 haters by the summer" in July?

The buzzing noise that my computer makes at night sometimes scares the heezie out of me when I wake up.

My mama's backup pair of glasses look like MC Hammer glasses. I told her all she needed was some gold chains and a Kangol and she's good to go for Yo! MTV Raps. They are Marc Ecko, though.

Reality shows are taking over the world and I don't seem to mind this time around. I just found I'm a Rolling Stone on MTV.

I see why Blackplanet gets no love these days. They're trying to step their game up with all these new additons-music, page logs, etc. Can we please get some censorship. If one more ig-nant-ass dude sends me a picture of his penis, I will scream! That's doing what for me? And you have nothing else better to do than take pictures of it? Read a book, you IDIOTS.

You owe me money, but you sending friend requests on MS. Can I do a friend request for my damn money then???

I'm just sayin' though...


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