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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Big Day (Not My Wedding Day)

Tomorrow is the big day. The Interview. I'm nervous as hell, I can't lie. I've gone over these "most common interview questions" over and over. Even answered them out loud. I guess I'm up and down. Ultimately (and like always), it's all in God's hands and what He wants for me when. I should be at peace with that. And I am, but I guess it's human nature, especially my nature to worry.

Over a year ago when I just knew I was ready to leave my job, I applied and interviewed for another similar to this opportunity. Once I got there, I realized that I didn't really want it. The trifling ass company, a Fortune 500 company might I add, waited like seven months to contact me and tell me they "went with another applicant." No shit, right? I know the chick who got it. I was fine and at peace with the decision months ago. There would have been no way I could do that job and finish my thesis. So beneath the surface of disappointment is always a blessing.

We'll see how this thing goes. I won't jump the gun, put the cart before the horse or count my eggs before they hatch. I get all these country cliches from my Mama, by the way. Don't be afraid to use them. Anyway, I'm doing what I do all while keeping things in perspective.

Let's see how it turns out.


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