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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Waiting Room

Tick tock goes the clock...
Since I last blogged a LOT has happened. What am I doing now? Of course, I'm sitting at this desk waiting for time to swiftly pass, instead of dragging along so slow and aimlessly like it is. It's Friday, the Friday before Christmas might I add and I just don't want to be here.

Tick tock goes the clock...
I'd tried to blog several times this week, but everytime, though my mind has been racing, nothing goes from my mind to my fingers to type. It's like that sometimes. And it sucks.

Update on the job thing. The interview went well. Last week she said she'd get back with me at the end of next week. Next week has become this week and last time I checked, Friday was the end of the work week. So I'm just waiting. Nothing else to do.

Tick tock goes the clock...
Ironically, a job that I was unofficially offered a few months ago was RE-offered to me. What am I going to do? That was dumb of me to ask because I already know what I'm going to do. But I would like to know what's going on with this current opportunity.

Tick tock goes the clock...
In addition to that, I'm interviewing to do more promotional work. The manager and I have been playing phone tag. Go figure.

Tick tock goes the clock...
To top that off, I'll be teaching an oral communications class at a local community college, something I've always wanted to do. Maybe I'll like it. Mama has always said that I'm a teacher at heart. Maybe not that so much as I don't mind running my mouth in front of people. I did substitute teach elementary students for a year in grad school. They were so sweet....but they were a FOOL, too! Who's raising these kids?

So the point is that I'm waiting. But either way, there is something new and fresh around the corner waiting for me. I'm grateful for all of these opportunities. I guess I'll just hang out and big chill in the waiting room until my name is called...


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