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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let Go, Let Flow

First thing Thursday morning, I'm gonna pack my tears away
Got no cause to look back, I'm looking for me a better day
See the thing of it is we deserve respect
And you can't demand respect without change
Comes a time when we must all make a change

Just let go, let it flow, let if flow, let flow
Everything's gonna work out right ya know

That was the Queen of Mumble, Toni Braxton's Let It Flow, if you didn't catch on by now. I just changed the day to Thursday because it's today and today is...my last day of work!

For some reason, I have mixed emotions about leaving. Please believe I'm ready to go and get what God has in store for me, but it a lil sad. I can't lie. I guess I'm just an emotional creature like that. So shoot me! No, not foreal.

As I sit here typing, it's kind of weird, yet comforting to know that I won't drive into that parking lot again, or sit in this comfortable-ass, presidential chair anymore and log on to my computer. I guess after awhile it was like going through the motions.

They're supposed to be having a lil cake and ice cream social deal for me. Looking forward to it, not because it's for me, but because it cake and ice cream. I have have been craving sweets like a mugg! Anyway, my time is up here. Let's ride...

P.S. Yes, I shamelessly stole that title from Something New. So what?


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