Quarterlife Mocha Girl

Friday, January 12, 2007

Who Am I?

Just in case you're wondering a little bit more about me (because I know you're nosy!), here it is. I am:

A woman. In the quarterlife stage. VERY single. A believer. A Christian. An only-child and sister to three all at the same time (Does everybody's Daddy have "other kids"? It's all good!). Friend. Tall. A socialite. Silly as hell. Music addict. Clothes addict. A GIRLY girl. Happy most of the time. Able to find comedy in almost any situation. All about the nightlife. A Writer. In touch with my inner-child. Avid television-watcher. PRO-black, but not doing enough to show it (working on that this year!). Attracted to men who are no good/ultimately losers. Fickle/wishy-washy (finally admitted it!). A connoisseur of Apple Martinis. Ready to move to the next phase of my life. A lover of all things uplifting. A hater of all things stupid. Sensitive. Caring, but in a non-caring way. Talkative. Sometimes loud. A sleepy-head. Hardworking. Determined. A Prince-era fan. A crier. Ticklish. A friend of God.

I am...what I am. Let me be...


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