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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Big Apple

Gina, Martin ain't thinkin' bout you. So I what I think you should do is pack your little Hefty bag and head off to the Big Apple, Big Apple!


I haven't posted in a while because I've been on vacation in New York City. Yep, it was my first time there, so that's one city checked off of the list of Places to Visit Before Age 30. (Why do I sound like life ends at 30? I hear it BEGINS!) Anyway, I was excited to see what the Big Apple had to offer. How did people really live? Were people from "up North" rude and nasty? Would I run into any celebrities? Where is the Time Warner Building???

Wellll, I arrived in the city at about 11 a.m. I put my bags down at the hotel (which was a GREAT spot that was NOT in Times Square, btw) and walked across Park Avenue to one of a million Starbuck's in NYC. Like an idiot, I forgot my notebook and I have not cultivated the patience to write long entries on my Blackberry yet, so I settled for the blank back side of printed boarding pass. Here's what I wrote:


12:28 p.m. (ET)

So, I'm in NYC. As I rode through Lincoln Tunnel, reading A Belle in Brooklyn on my Blackberry, I thought "so this is the Big City, huh?" The streets are cramped, the drivers are aggressive and building are tall. Taller than the ones in Memphis, for sure.

But things aren't that different (yet). There a Starbuck's right across the street from the hotel. It's packed with business-types, cool kids and students peering at their Mac laptop screens. The guy who just made my tall Caramel Frappacino (with extra caramel) is now at lunch. He is gathered at a table with his mom and little brother (I assume), eating a Popeye's chicken dinner.

Some things are universal, I see!

It's Day 1, hour 2 of my first visit to Gotham City. Let's see what else happens. I wonder where that Popeye's is though....


  • At September 4, 2008 at 12:02:00 PM PDT, Blogger suga said…

    I love NY. Not enough to live there permanently, but enough to visit friends, and shop and party the weekend away multiple times a year.

    The only thing that I didnt like about NY was the fact that it is so hustle and bustle, that I felt like I could just vanish off a side street and nobody notice. I mean, Im from a slightly big city, and spend alot of time in San Francisco, but nothing s as busy as the big apple.

    Other than that, I loved it. A city that never sleeps is definitely my type of place.

  • At September 4, 2008 at 6:54:00 PM PDT, Blogger A Go Bytch said…

    I so want to be in Time Square for New Years...I still have 40 hrs of vaca left...never know. I like that ..Places to visit before you're thirty :)

    Go B.


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