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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Find It Quite Funny

It's funny how this entire bail-out/McCain/debate is panning out. What is McCain thinking, suspending his campaign to "save" the country in the bail-out?? You don't suspend a campaign 40 days before the election.

As Dave Letterman (who I don't watch often unless a worthy guest is on) said, bring in your second-string quarterback (that would be the Palin chick) and run the campaign. That would be the obvious thing to do, correct?

Not showing up for the debate will only make Obama shine like the star that he is. Of course, there will still be millions of people who will continue to applaud McCain for his commitment to his country! Bullshit. Straight up and down bullshit. What can he, a senator who has a piss-poor track record on some of the most votes ever, do to bring out country back to a sound economic status?

I'm convinced that he called ole' George up yesterday and asked him to reel Obama in since he wasn't trying to hear that debate delay mess. You should see the fanfare in Oxford! (It's only 45 minutes away, so we get and do all of the coverage in Memphis.) People have really pulled out all of the stops. Five million dollars invested in this debate, which Ole Miss (the host) has been planning for an entire year.

McCain...you're such a let-down. Not like I didn't already think that in the first place. But now, it's crystal clear.

This will most definitely be in the history books.


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