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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ray Ray and 'Nem

Today I'm sitting her on Imeem and Limewire (shhhh!!) trying to find Raphael Saadiq's Scream remix. You know, the one that was on one of my favorite movies, Motives. Hot!

It's a must that pick up Ray Ray's new CD. I finally caught his Soul Stage performance on VHI Soul and I'm in love. It all sounds like old Motown! Then when he went back and did a mix of Tony, Toni, Tone songs, it was a wrap for me. Dude is crazy talented. Not like I didn't already know that, but sometimes it takes a concert to bring the obvious to the forefront.

For example, in 2004, Usher was in concert with somebody else. I don't even know which of the two was the headliner, but I bought tickets anyway. I don't think I'd been mesmerized by Confessions yet, but I just knew that Usher would blow chunks. Clearly, I was up on my feet singing along and dancing. I was a certified fan and didn't even realize it.

So back to Raphael. Yeah, he's that ish! And on Tuesday, I'll get his new album and Jazmine Sullivan.


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