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Friday, September 12, 2008

I Need An Upgrade

The other day I was looking at some old pictures from my senior year of undergrad and first year of grad school. How is it possible that I kept myself up better then when I didn't have a "real" job than I do now with one? My hair was always done (I did it myself--weekly! Only God knows how I did that.) and I had bi-weekly manicure and pedicure appointments. Let's not forget going to the little Asian store to get my eyebrows waxed!

These days, I feel like I'm looking and feeling a mess. I've come to the conclusion that my bi-weekly hair appointments are not enough. This hair gets dirty and oily QUICK. Ick! Right now, it's in a ponytail and I don't do those that often. I don't even think I had a pedicure all summer. For shame! And I'm so damn tired these days, you could tote your luggage under my eyes, fasho.

So, I feel like treating myself. Where's my energy? I'm so lackluster these days. A close friend of mine says I'm not "me" or "Alisha" anymore. I disagree wholeheartedly, but there are a few things that could change. For example:

Exercise: Simply put, I don't. At all. I don't even know where the excercise room in my apartment complex is! I probably haven't worked out forreal since I had my membership to the French Rivera in 2004. Damn shame.

Eating Right (or atleast better): My meals that I prepare at home (when I do) consist of pasta. Something with noodles and a little meat and cheese and occaisionally, some spinach. That's about it. A pork chop here and there and even though I always buy veggies when I shop, rarely, do I cook them. THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM. But we already knew that. They say admitting is the first step to recovery.

Sleep: If you know me, you know that this one of my favorite past times, besides writing and watching Martin. It seems that when I sleep longer, I end up more tired the next day. I don't know how to stop that. Everyday I feel like somebody bitch-slapped me.

Running Myself Ragged: This is what my life is made of. If you've noticed (probably not), this summer I have been on the go. Here and there and I rarely take the time I need to fully recover before I'm back to doing something else. Work is becoming more demanding and it requires a LOT of energy on my part. It sounds easy, but it's not at all. I am a firm believer in sitting on my ass for long periods of time to chill, but after awhile, I think I need to be up doing something. Then the cycle starts all over again.

So, as you can see, I have some work to do. I forgot to mention that I got my first full-body massage last weekend. (sigh) It was so relaxing. Clearly, an hour is not long enough. I need to figure out a way to include that in my budget.

Have a great weekend!


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