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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Thoughts

It's Saturday afternoon. I usually don't blog on Saturdays. You know that, right? Well, since I'm under the dryer in the privacy of my own home, I might as well talk, um, type about some things. I skipped out on my standing appointment with LaTrisha, my beautician (did you catch the Dream reference??) to save some moolah. I'm listening to Miss Keri, Baby and watching Unfaithful on mute (I'm wasting energy, but I love that movie).

Topic of discussion: Candy Girls. I will be honest, if I could be in another profession for a day, my second choice to being a professional writer, of course, would be a video girl. I would love to see how "hard" it is to stand on a set in little to no clothing around other catty women and men who might possibly degrade me---then I would write about it and shop to a magazine. I can't hate the game or those who play it, but I'm wondering what will happen when the next stable of pretty, thick girls come around and they're knocked out of the game indefinitely---or forever. Ride the tide while it's high, I guess.

Just now I saw the episode about Brooke, the bombshell hustler of the vixen game, who was dumped by her unofficial/official boyfriend after she was seen out on a date with another guy. Some rapper/producer named Red Cafe'. Never heard of him. Anyway. It was so many things wrong with this scenario. (1) I'm sure the allure of the entertainment world is very exciting, but being that she's in that environment constantly, she was was a little excited to be going out with a "rap-per/pro-duc-er!" He sent flowers the day before or day of the date, which was very sweet. (2) He shows up for the date and she gets all prettied up and he has on a studded cap, a white tee and jeans sagging with his drawers showing. He stands up and says, "What's up? Let's do this." No hug, no walking around to greet her, no kiss on the cheek. Just "what's up??" like she was one of his boys. Ewww. Whatev....maybe it was just a turn off for me.

Terrika mentioned that at this age (not sure how old they are), you don't check the box that has yes or no for boyfriend/girlfriend status. You pretty much fall into a relationship if you begin to answer to someone and tell them your whereabouts. I can't argue with that one, but it's still dumb. That's how wires get crossed and people are hurt. I don't care what she or anyone else says, WE (women) need to know whether or not we're in a relationship.

Because of that very situation, Brooke goes out with Red Cafe ( I hate that name, by the way. It should be the name of the club, not a person)and her boyfriend/friend breaks up with her through a text after hearing about it from someone else. All of the beauty and hot body in the world doesn't make you exempt from getting the ax. Oh well, it happens. What's even crazier is Terrika comes in to console her and they keep going back and forth about "I mean, if I was his bitch and he was my man..." WHAT??? I know a woman in a relationship being called a bitch is old----Biggie rapped about it back in '94, but I will never, EVER refer to myself as anyone's BITCH. You're either a bitch or a woman. Pick one, but if that's what you relate to, then great.

Our women are going to hell in a handbasket.


  • At March 31, 2009 at 10:53:00 AM PDT, Blogger j.a.c. said…

    this post was hilarious. but yes indeed, our women are a hot mess. we always talk about how women need to do better for themselves, but i think that if we started respecting and honoring each other that could initiate some self-respect.

  • At April 2, 2009 at 10:23:00 PM PDT, Blogger LadyWritesTheBlues said…

    girl I watched this episode too and was like...what? And what about the chic drinking on set & not sure why her boss had an issue w/it since it "loosened" her up? *maybe that was another episode, i dunno...but, yeah-they're all 'special' for lack of a better word...lol

    B*tch vs Woman???-EXactly!

  • At April 4, 2009 at 2:33:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OUCH...yeah..I'm a bitch I can honesly say based on the opinions of others. ...I guess you can say..but I'm not HOE...lol. Have a great weekend hun!



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