Quarterlife Mocha Girl

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello Again

Two weeks later, I'm still not back to 100% over this Michael Jackson thing. I'm at peace with it (I guess I have no choice?) and I'm happy we still have his music and videos (in his words: short films). He will live on through that and hopefully, hundreds of his songs will be released now. It worked for Pac and Big, so why not?

This weekend, I was able to take my mind off of MJ's death at the Essence Music Festival. As usual, it was fun, even though I missed out my Dulce de Leche cheesecake from Cheesecake Bistro. All was well and knowing people in high places always helps. A linesister and bestie worked as the producer's assistant, so thanks to her, I'm good on live music and free drinks atleast until the end of the year. I attended every concert (Bey and Anita Baker were awesome!)and hit up three superlounges, even though I hate I missed Janelle Monae!

I took a couple of pics with celebs including my all-time favorite sisters, Mary Mary! Erica even said she remembered doing the phone interview for Clutch. Took a pic with New Orleans' own, Ledisi. She was sweet as pie and dressed to kill for Bishop TD Jake's tribute.

While sipping on a concoction a college friend made up in VIP, I looked over and spotted Thelma from Good Times. Yes, I was a tad starstruck. Nevermind Lamann Rucker, standing not even two feet away. Thelma was my highlight. She was getting macked on by some young boy probably telling her he used to watch Good Times just to see her bellbottoms.

But THIS was the picture that I was most proud of......

Not the best picture of me, but so what? It's with the editor of Essence, Angela Burt-Murray! If you recall my Essence post from last year, I was thisclose to saying hello, but I punked out. Instead, I settled for a picture of her and the event producers on stage. I captioned the pic with "Angela Burt-Murray, my future boss." I guess you can say I'm moving on up in the world.

I finally had to chance to talk to her and I didn't even say the right things. I didn't tell her that supposedly a pitch had been presented to the editorial team. I just said, "I'm an aspiring writer and I've been pitching..." I don't even remember if I said I was pitching to Essence or not. Such a lamo. Anyway, she was incredibly sweet and said if she had time, she'd write a sequel to Vow.

Overall, the weekend was great and very tiring. Ran into some college who told me they still read this blog to keep up with me. That made me feel great. Can't wait to see what's next.