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Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Monday

So, it's Monday and it's not going exactly how I hoped it would. This was going to be a day of revitalization in terms of writing and job applications, money matters, blah blah blah. For starters, my phone hasn't been connected to the Internet since yesterday. And I procrastinated, as usual on getting a flight to Chicago, so I spent half of my mornng on the phone with customer service folks. Ughh!

Next, I call my mom to holler at her and of course, more news on Granny. It's so very depressing. Not the news itself, but my mom's outlook on it. I was going to visit her today anyway. I'm hoping for the best.

I wrote my first blog for Skirt! Magazine. It's a neat magazine for women, so you should definitely check it out.

Yesterday, the parental unit and I watched "Cover," a suspense thriller about infidelity, etc. Somewhat similar to Motives, but that's number one in my book as far as straight-to-DVD movies go. Can't beat Shemar! It had a very cliche' plot, yet it was still packed with suspense. Well, more confusion than anything. After watching it, I almost wept because a lot of things in that movie were real. A reality I don't want to see, I guess.

There was a segment on 60 Minutes about DNA testing. You know, the story about how the black woman found out she was related to a white man in Utah somewhere. That one. The story was heart-warming, but in a 15 minute segment, the reporter (white) called us several different monikers: African American, Black Americans, American Blacks (wtf?), Black. Regardless of what you or we prefer to be called on the scale of politcal correctness, can we just be consistent for the sake of journalism? Any editor in his/her right mind would demand that the reporter or writer be consistent throughout the story.

That really bothered me, as you can see!

-Out for Lunch

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Emailing War

So I met this guy this weekend. Shortly after exchanging numbers, he informs me that he's a "texter." So that was the perfect time to tell him that I no longer have unlimited texts (I know, kill myself, right?). I only use TMs for short messages, urgent situations, etc. I detest having full-out conversations through text messages. Yuck. All this breaking up/getting back together through texts is for the birds.

In other words, lay off the texts, homie. No offense. Atleast my minutes in my plan have been increased.

Since Monday (and it's only Wednesday), I have received beau ceaup emails (instead of texts) from dude. Some of them cute and funny, but others are just annoying. Not the content, but the emails themselves. I'm not for chatting it up with a prospective "friend" during the work hours, but there is a contraption called the phone. I heard somewhere that you can actually talk on it and speak to the other person.

I don't know. Maybe it's the PMS talking. Or maybe it's texting!

This Is How I'm Feeling

I'm asking myself the magic question (Hint: It's not 'When will I get married?') The question is: How do you (or I) make dreams come true?

I'll be damned if can't figure that out for anything in the world, although, I do have some ideas. And if you're reading this, if you want to run to the comment section and say, "There is no answer, just do it," kick rocks. Because it's not that simple all the time. Atleast not to me. Maybe that's my problem, eh?

Moving on....After reading my daily dose of blogs this morning, I am inspired to write. Not to write like other bloggers, even some of them have fabulous journalism jobs, but to write like me. Find my own style and flavor.

I am writing because how will I be a better writer, if I don't write?

I am writing because it is what I love to do.

I am writing because with random thoughts, comes story ideas to pitch.

I am writing because it's only so much Facebooking I can do.

I am writing just because....

Some things need to change...within me

What happened to the time when I used to just open up my notebook and write? I have short stories, characters, story lines--all of that in notebooks piled high in my amoir. Clearly, I need to go back and read them for inspiration. There is something lacking in me. I don't know what it is, either.

I couldn't possibly be burnt out. Could I? Maybe stress/boredom/complacency in other areas of life have spilled over. I don't know, but I have got to get out of this and get on with...whatever I'm supposed have going on.

Ugghhgh! I'm frustrated.

Where's my slice of cheesecake and wine when I need it?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello Blog World!

Hey My People!

This weekend was pretty good. Let's see...met an old friend from school and went out on Friday, an SU Alumni picnic on Saturday, great phone conversation with a new person and shopping with my Mommy on Sunday. Not too bad!

I lifted this from Liz Burr, check her blog out. She's the technical mastermind behind Very Smart Brothas.

"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."

Here goes...in no particular order:

Phone Home by Weezy F. Baby
Even though that sample of Mike Jones is aggravating, the beat and piano on the track is hot. We are not the same. I am a Martian. Only Weezy could make that sound normal.

This Is The Day by Fred Hammond
Yes, I gets my praise and worship on, too. It is very common for me to go from this track back to a Weezy track on my mp3 player. Do I feel guilty? Nope. This song just makes me want to move. This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!

I Need You by Alicia Keys
I'll admit that I did not purchase As I Am like everyone else. I'm still stuck on Diary. When I saw the Teenage Love Affair video, I fell in love with the snippet of this song...so off to Limewire I went. The rest is history. I love the drums!

I Put on For My City by Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West
I love Jeezy. Thug Motivation is a classic, but let's focus on Kanye on this one. No doubt, he is on it. "Ask Big Homie, man the top so lonely. I ain't lyin'. I ain't lyin!" Whew! Fi!

I Luv Your Girl by The Dream
I've already talked about my obsession with dude, so he had to be on the list. Truthfully, I've been on this song for so long, I should have something else up, but every time I hear it, it's like the first time.

Need You Bad by Jazmine Sullivan
Jazzy is the ish! This song with Missy is hot and I love the ending. Really I'm into anything by her, because she's just that good.

Techno Pimp by Joi
Hadn't heard this until I visited my friend in ATL last month. I totally missed this on Starkitty's Revenge. I only listened to "It's Your Life" because it's was on the radio all the time. She is on some pimpin' ish, let me tell ya. If you hear it and don't like the beat, her rantings in the background should keep you laughing, at the least.

Honorable Mention: Give You the Business by Young Berg
I just love the track and we say "the business" in the M. lol

I Tag: Whoever Wants to Do It

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The First Date

Oh, Darius, wherefore art thou?

On The Random Tip

Hello All,

As much I wish I could write about something of substance, I just can't right now. Have you ever had so many feelings, thoughts, etc. in your head, you just couldn't express them? Well, that's what up with me right now. I rather read other blogs that have something to say these days. Having a great time doing that, btw. So these are some random thoughts...

I really wish I at home to see Michelle Obama on The View.

I saw a great movie last night, The End of The Affair. You should watch it. The 1999 version, not 1955.

I'm so ready for Essence. The music fest, that is. Among other things.

Do you think it's possible to fall in love in one day or after one encounter (non-sexual)? That movie has me thinking...

That Carter 3 goes so hard. And I don't care what you think about it either!

I hate listening to and returning phone messages/voicemails. It's really bad. This red message light on my work phone has been on for four days. What if it's something important? I'll never know.

I need to get my investing game up. I promise myself that I will sit down and complete my net worth balance sheet and purchase these stocks.

My dreams are way too vivid these days.

Is it really okay to encourage outlandish spending on fashion, electronics, etc. through blogs and magazines with the economy the way it is. Why should I feel entitled to a $1,200 handbag when I can't afford to fill my gas tank? Just a thought!

I would really like a slice of cheesecake right now.

And a pedicure.

But I'm on a budget...that's already blown.

I heard on the news this morning that fuel costs may cause some airlines to significantly increase their fares (too late) and maybe even shut down in some cities. I guess my dream of us getting a Southwest or Jet Blue is out....

That sucks because I have many more trips to take.

After reading a post about the infamous "List"---you know, the one about the type of man/woman you want, I decided to make a list of my own. But I'm making a list of things about me. My good and bad qualities (which are always different in others' eyes), what I like to do, etc. Basically, I'm taking inventory. I find that many times we find fault in others without looking at ourselves. I gotta work on that.

My boss gave me the green light to look for another job. Not that I needed her approval, but it was refreshing to hear her say that. She said even though I do a great job, she can tell I'm not passionate about it. You don't say, huh?

I had an eye exam after 2+ years, only for them to tell me that my "reading" glasses didn't really help and vision is pretty good. Or atleast as good as it's going to be. I'm not tripping, but I was looking forward to getting something new. New lenses/frames. Red ones, in particular. Oh well, couldn't afford it anyway.

And you should check out:

Black Girl in the City

Very Smart Brothas


Bye now!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Fascination with The Dream

Yeah, I mean the singer, the producer, The-Dream. For whatever reason I am fascinated by him, maybe even infatuated. Crazy, right? I don't think he's hot or anything, but I CANNOT stop listening to Love/Hate. Period. I've had it for months now and I love it. Words cannot say. And I don't know why either. No, he's not one of these prolific artists who's dropping knowledge with every verse. It's just fun music. I'm thinking an R. Kelly in the making, minus the pedofile vibe. (Sorry, Kells!).

I thought the album would kinda suck, but I thought, 'hey, why not?' I like "Umbrella" and "Bed".' I have bought Usher's album and Weezy's, and I still can't stop rocking Love/Hate. It's like this CD has a stronghold on me! lol. The only songs I listen to Usher's are the ones that he produced.

So, I felt the need to get that out. With all that being said, here's the video for "I Luv Your Girl." My second favorite song to "Nikki." Or maybe third to "Purple Kisses." Hell, I like all of them!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Almost Reunion Time!

Guess what I'm excited about? My 10-Year High School Reunion! I'm actually shocked that I would be. Don't get me wrong..I'm not against it at all, but it's a reminder that you are 10 years older and hopefully you have made some changes for the better. I have, so that's not a problem. Plus, I don't look a day over 18! LMAO. No, seriously!

The reunion isn't until next year, but Class of '98 just had theirs this past weekend, and I am geeked about ours. They seemed to have so much fun, even though I thought they were pretty lame. (j/k) I loved high school. Thank God it wasn't a traumatic-I'm-going-to-Maury-Povich ordeal for me like it was for some. I wasn't the IT Girl, but I wasn't the outcast either. I was a happy medium, I suppose. This is what I remember while being a student at THE Central High School:

1. Laughing
2. Checking (also known as clownin, cracking, etc.)
3. Studying my a$$ off
4. Laughing
5. Sitting on the floor in the lobby at lunch
6. Those cinnamon rolls in the cafeteria
7. Sleeping (don't hold that one against me)
8. Did I say checking? Or getting checked!
9 More laughing
10.High school parties

That pretty much sums up high school for me. Oh, I forgot to mention my high school crush! And my job at Old Navy! Oh, how I loved thee! lol.

People have already started to plan and get a listserv together so we can be efficient. I can't wait to see people who I forgot about and vice versa just to reminisce.

Woo woo woo! Just had to get that out.

Monday, June 09, 2008

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

This is going to be a short one, kids! Greetings and salutations......So I'm sitting here BS'ing on the computer at work and thought about two things. (1) I need to decide whether or not I'm going to teach this fall and (2) I need to get back on the grind in writing (for major publications).

All of sudden, I stopped cold. Talking to a friend last night, he asked me what do I do for me. Everytime he talks to me I'm working like a slave, running here and there, doing this and that for other people, working with the kids. Even when I'm writing I'm making money for other people, whether I get paid or not. So when do I have fun? Really enjoy myself?

My first thoughts....Um, I don't know. I shop?

That good ole' retail therapy has become something constant in my life. But I'm assuming that doesn't count. My rebuttal was, "Well, I went out for sushi on Friday night!" That sounded so lame, but the sushi was so good. lol. I even went out with a friend to a club (semi-overated experience). Nevertheless, I got out of the house.

So, I really have to ask myself, "What have you done for me lately?"

Think about it.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Taking a Moment to Reflect

on two things that I should have blogged immediately after them taking place. FIRST...

I finally saw Miss Erica Wright aka Erykah Badu again after three long years. She.was.awesome. When is she ever anything else though? This is my third time seeing her live and she doesn't disappoint.

All I can is I got my money's worth about 30 minutes into the show when she did my fav, "I Want You." Ooh, Lawd...that is my jam. And hers, too, evidently! Yes, my girls and I were all janky becasue we thought she was going to do New Amerykah the entire time. She even admitted that it was "a little to the left." She explained each of those tracks and now I have a better understanding this one. Mama's Gun and Worldwide Underground are still my heart, though.

She walked to the back, folks started messing around with instruments and out of nowhere comes..."Liberation" by Outkast. Messed me up! I just about went into orbit. I have a lot of songs to choose from with Kast, but THAT one right there is in the top 3! I'm sure everyone thought I was crazy, but I couldn't help but clown over that Liberation. She even sang the other verses (execept Ceelo's). Absolutely wonderful.
Liberation - Outkast


Feast your eyes on this (while I'm doing the Diddy dance, "take that, take that..." to Hillary)!

Senator Barack Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee. Words cannot even describe. All I can see is his children playing outside of the White House, hearing his victory speech after he wins the presidency. Seeing he and Michelle togehter (we're on a first name basis, ya know.) We need to see that. Black people. White people. Every race and culture needs to see that.

I just really thought that was overdue.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Well, I'm back! I've been back acutally. For a whole week. But work has been that fool. Memorial Day Weekend was nice. I got the moving bug. AGAIN. Am I going to do anything about it? Who knows. Depends on what day you ask.

I am still, however, all about the side hustle. I am working the 13th Annual Sisterhood Showcase this weekend, as a "media runner." Whatever that is! Basically, it's a way for me to interact with the media, which you know your girl has experience in, and meet celebrities. I would like to interview some of them, but I don't know.

Speaking of interviews, check out the newest issue of Clutch and read my story on PJ Morton, the Fly Nerd. I have written about him here, so I was elated to talk to him on the phone. A fly nerd, indeed! On top of that, I think I'm going to work out having several half-days to work a writing lab for student journalism camp later this summer. I'm interested in working with the kids...and it pays!

Other than that, I'm trying to get into the mindset of having a life. How does one do that??? lol. Work is about to get crucial and all I want to do is sleep.

On another, me and Mommy (I know that incorrect grammar. Who cares?) saw Sex and the City and it was GREAT. BETTER than GREAT! I didn't think I would laugh and cry so much in 2.5 hours. It makes me want to be in love, but then again, not. I know you're sick of the hype by now, but if you value friendships, you mos def have to see it.

I think that's it! I think. If I remember anything, I'll come back. lol