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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Flip the Script

I was watching the BET Celebration of Gospel the other night and had a couple of thoughts. I'm not going to share them because by now if you saw the show you've already talked about who did what, who had on what, etc. What I was thinking about was R&B artists who now are gospel artists. Those who act like they've never heard a "secular" song before may ask you what these artists sang before their transitions. Show them this post please.

(Disclaimer: This is not a "I remember when.." post. This is in no way an opportunity to discount their moves to gospel music. I love their new music. Just something I was thinking about!)

Coko (formerly of SWV)

Don't play, everybody knows Coko. If you didn't know her, you fasho knew those claws she had for fingernails. Check out her new music here. Anyway, here's one of my favs. And I can't believe I was listening to this at the age of 12! Pretty mild for these times, though, don't you think?

Dave Hollister (formerly of Blackstreet)

I love Dave, all day, er'day. Ghetto Hyms was that ish! He had a couple of hits, then he made his way to singing and acting in stageplays. He has a wonderful voice. Hollister is doing great as a gospel artist. Aside from his own album, Book of David, Vol 1: The Transition, he also featured on Hezekiah Walker's album. Word is he's cousin to K-Ci and JoJo Hailey. Another tidbit is he is the voice on Brenda's Got a Baby. Really weird because I always thought that was K-Ci! Here's my absolute favorite of Dave's.

And speaking of K-Ci and JoJo...

I know that didn't have a darn thing to do with the subject at hand, but that just KILLS me everytime!!


Kelly Price

Ya'll know KP can sing! She has that voice hands down. She has a new comtemporary gospel song out that's another version of Soul of a Woman from her first album. It's called "Healing." Very nice. Here's the song that put her on the map. THE REMIX.

Either way you go, these folks have talent. I'm glad they crossed over to do what they probably should have been doing in the first place. It was fun while it lasted.


Change is Good

It's almost February already. I guess time flies when you're having fun. Or maybe it flies when you can live life without unnecessary stress and strife. Yes, my dear, I'm talking about this new job which really won't be that new anymore since I got my first paycheck today. Woohoo!!

Even though I got a big, over-the-top send-off from my previous job (management had nothing to do with it, trust!) with many best of luck wishes, I did think I would miss it there. It was something I was used to and I'm a creature of habit. In the last two weeks, I've talked to co-workers who I'm cool with several times. I know what you're thinking: 'Didn't you almost die to get away from that place?' (I did..) 'Then why do you care what's going on around there?' (I don't know...) Scratch that. Talking to them was for numerous reasons: (1) I miss them, they are the homies; (2) I'm nosey and (3) I'm still doing on-the-job training off-the-job. Leave it to me to always lend a helping hand.

In additon to that, talking to them has confirmed, solidified and made me FU-THER know that leaving that place is the BEST thing that could have happened to me. All of the accounts of drama, bullshit and pettiness are no longer first-hand. I have no responsibility or loyalty to the company. If something goes down inside that building and I hear about it, my response can be any of the following: (a) Foreal??; (b) Ya don't say, huh? or my personal favorite (c) That's f*cked up right there, mane.

Isn't that great? Getting called into the Principal's Office is no longer an option. What's even better than THAT is I love the new job. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I fell right into the culture of the office-relaxed. I have the freedom and flexibility to do what I want, when I want. They trust me as a professional (because that's what I am!) to pull my weight efficiently, so there's no need to breathe down my neck every minute of the day. And that, my friends, is what a job is all about. Aside from having a passion for what you do, that is.

Anyway, I gotta give it up to God onemogin for the life change. I'm really enjoying it!


Friday, January 26, 2007

While I'm Thinking About It

All kinds of craziness has been going on that I've been meaning to say something about. You know the drill. This is in no particular order.

Why and how in the hell does DeVante Swing of Jodeci have a 19-year-old son? He's damn near my age! I mean really. I can remember watching their videos and almost drooling over him and Dalvin like yesterday. How is that possible? Then I realized when I was 11 he was like, 20, 21 years old. Go figure. Does that me me old now?

Why does R. Kelly have to turn everything into a sex thing? Clearly, Ciara's Promise was a little sweet song about wanting a relationship with 'you, you, you.' Here comes Kells with that shit again. But I can't lie, it's tighter than a mugg! Kells makes hits!

No offense, but this rehab thing is going too far. Society has it so twisted. How is it that Isiah Washington has to go to rehab for psychological testing for calling old boy a faggot, but Kramer is walking around rehab-less after he called Black folks all kinds of Niggers--on camera? It's killing me.

Parents need to tell their kids to sit down somewhere when they're in public places. A young family was sitting behind me at TGI Fridays, right? The little girl, who was clearly 4-years-old, turns around and leans over the booth, ALL in my conversation. Went something like this:

1st Incident
Me: Hey sweetie, may we help you? What's going on?
Lil Mama: Nothing
Me: Oh, okay (smile)
Lil Mama jumps cleans ACROSS the table to her Mama. Feet literally on the table, running. Like how far can you get running across a table at Friday's?

2nd incident
Lim Mama leans over the seat again, ALL in my conversation
Me: What's up?
Lil Mama: Nothing
Me: Oh, last time you wouldn't say anything, now you back visiting
Lil Mama rolls her eyes so hard at me, as if to say, WHATEVER!! No, actually it said, "Bitch please!!" Clearly from the ages of 4-10 you have the highest level of eye-rolling abilities. They almost rolled to the back her head like the Exorcist.

So the moral of this story is two-fold: (1)I got played by a 4-year-old! and (2) Get yo damn kids!

I should NOT have to wait in bumper-to-bumper traffic only to find out that there was a delay because of nosey, rubber-necking people. If an accident has been moved out of the way onto the shoulder, why are cars not moving? Drive, you idiots!!

Did you know that scientist had made Monday, January 22, 2007, the most depressing day of the year? According to scientific research, people are at their lowest point
on the third Monday of the year. Check out the formula:

[W + (D-d)] x TQ
M x NA

The equation is broken down into seven variables: (W) weather, (D) debt, (d) monthly salary, (T) time since Christmas, (Q) time since failed quit attempt, (M) low motivational levels and (NA) the need to take action. (MSBC, source)

Now ain't' that some shit? All along, I thought I was depressed because the Saints lost on Sunday! WHO DAT!!

Out of allllll the people who have real talent in Memphis, why did American Idol showcase the WORST people ever? American Idol is a fluke (no offense, Fantasia)!

But I'm still watching it!

I think that's it for now. Ciao'

Monday, January 22, 2007

So....You Got Jokes?

Hello All,

Don't ask me how or why, but last night I humored myself looking at Jamie Foxx clips on YouTube last night. I was actually looking for an old stand-up routine from Def Comedy Jam (You make me feel so commm-for-table!), but all I really saw were clips pertaining to Dreamgirls, Ray, etc. Even more than that were clips of him singing. If you haven't noticed, the ladies love Jamie and he loves them back. He is seriously pimpin these days. Of course ole' Oscar hooked him up, so his stock is way up, BUT....Who knows how much action he was getting before the Oscar, before the multi-platinum albums. According an interview, he said that he's been able to get more women in bed because he's funny---a comedian.

I immediately began to reflect on my life. Alllllll of the guys I have ever liked, dealt with, been attracted to, etc. have been funny. Humor is a huge turn-on. Even you don't fit my bill in the looks department, if you can make me laugh, that's totally forgotten. Maybe it's because I'm really silly and I LOVE to laugh. Laughter for me is synonymous with sex for some people.
It makes my day go so much better and I can't go a day without it.

So clearly that's on my check-off list of requirements. If I'm laughing, I'm liking. Don't get it twisted though. I don't believe in having my draws laughed off. But if it happens, I'm not held responsible. Just kidding! Lighten up! Just a reflection on my life.

So....you got jokes??

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy 50th Post to Me!

I was going to write about something else, then I saw that this would be my 5oth post. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess. I was about to write about how I've been slippin' in this blogging thing, but 50 posts ain't bad in three months.

Sometimes, there just aren't things to write about. It is what it is.

I had my first week of work at both jobs and I like them both. Teaching a collegiate class is going to be harder than I thought. Maybe because I put three times as much pressure on myself than most people do. It could be that I realized that I have to read and do just as much as the students do. No fair. Anyway, I like the students. They come from all walks of life, racial and economic backgrounds. White, black, young, old, new, returning students, parents, wives, husbands---you name them, I have them in this class. And it's only 10 students! That's a great number to work with.

The 9-5 is going to be challenge in itself because I have free-range and flexibility to do with the program whatever I want. I must admit, I'm not used to that kind of freedom since my former employers loved to breathe down my damn neck 24/7. When I get the hang of this thing, it'll be straight. Looking forward to the unknown.

Um, that's about it...

Sometimes, there just aren't things to write about. It is what it is.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Recent Random Thoughts

It's cold as heezie outside

Why is there a Spanish version of Irreplaceable? Just another way to tell him to get his ass out!
Listen here:

What am I going to talk to six students about for 3 straight hours that doesn't include Jay-Z, Black History or the latest issue of Essence?

Damn, I'm ready for Roots to come on! Fight the Power!

These fools on American Idol are crazy! Who's telling these people they can really sing?

Eating lunch today I noticed 7 white men sitting together. They ALL had on blue dress shirts, black ties and black wool coats-all the same length! Is that standard corporate attire or were they clones?

Why can I immediately cut my "driving-in-the-car" praise and worship off to call somebody a 'stupid b*tch' in 2.5 seconds when they drive crazy? It's like Turret's or something. I'm a work in progress-lol. If it helps, I always say, 'I'm sorry, Lord!'

Myspace is getting out of control. I think my grandma has a page, I just don't know about it yet.

I'm too excited about finally having dental insurance. Laser-whitening, here I come!


The First Day of School

Remember your first day of school? Pick a grade or year. You were so excited. You went back-to-school shopping for the hottest outfit and even laid it out on the bed or hung it up the night before. You were thinking, "Damn, I'm gonna be so ____ (insert adjective synonymous to fly) tomorrow!!!! You couldn't sleep. You even got up extra EARLY in anticipation.

Once you got to school, you saw your clique, the same ol' sames and even some new people. All day your teachers passed out syllabi, class rules-all the boring stuff that you immediately filed away in your folder never to be seen again. Meanwhile, you were thinking ahead. What is this year gonna be like? What will me and my friends get into this time? I hope I like my teachers. Blah, blah, blah...

Fast forward to adulthood. Ten to 15 years later, the only thing different is you don't live with the parental unit (or maybe not). The first day at the New Job. It's the same damn thing! Atleast it was for me. Yes, yes, yes, all info is changed on Facebook, Myspace, etc. It is official. Today was the first day. Not much to tell, except I think I'll really like the job and I'll keep busy, thank God. Today I accomplished the following things:

Arrived on time (before time)
Read and comprehended the employee handbook and company strategic plan
Managed to cross my eyes by working on the smallest notebook laptop in the universe
Met all my new co-workers, including the one I'll be working closely with
Caught a beat-down by The Hawk because he was out
Had my face cracked literally when I had to walk an intersection up to get to the parking garage (Did I mention The Hawk was out??)
Updated my course syllabus for the 2nd gig
Left work early

Seriously though, they didn't plan for me to really work on the first day. Who does that? I enjoyed it. Tomorrow I'll be quite busy. Gotta teach the community class in the evening. That's going to be interesting. Anyway, all is well here. Goodnight!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm Just Trying to Kick It

As a request of my best male friend, I'm going to write about this thing called DATING, or maybe I should call it un-dating. Discussing love and life as we usually do, he made the comment, "People these days don't want to commit, they just want to chill, kick it, ya know. You should write about that." So here goes.

Are men and women really not trying to take it to that next level (whatever it may be for them) as much? A couple of kick-it sessions at the house. Dinner and a movie, if you're lucky or enjoy each other's company enough for more than an hour. Halfway-decent conversations and laughs (gotta have those jokes!). Good sex (maybe). No verbal commitments or talk of it. Sounds like the Dream Relationship, right?

Guess again. That's not a relationship. That's a pseudo-relationship, a thing. Let me break it down (so it can consistently and forever by broke!):

Answer A: Boy and Girl are kickin' it. Fun times. Everything's good. Or so you think. Somebody is catching feelings. Is it you? One of the two cannot continue on being in that person's presence, enjoying their company and conversation, feeling that strong attraction. Having an intimate relationship (whether they stay for breakfast or not). Laying around at the house. Just being...them. Without having some inkling of hope for something more. That thought: "I wonder how it would be if we were together....????" That wish: "I wish we could be a couple." That want: "I want us to be..."

Sometimes that person will turn those hopes, thoughts, wishes and wants into words that can take a perfectly cool evening into that awkward zone. You know the one when you're thinking, "Damn, I was hoping this wouldn't happen. I wish he/she would just leave now. This is not what's poppin' right now. "

And that's when things get complicated.

If you're the one who does not want a relationship, it's not going to be easy for you. How do you tell that person whom you may actually care about atleast 35 percent (admit it!) that basically it ain't gon happen? Yeah, you could just be honest and I wholeheartedly suggest it, but how is that person going to take that? Look at all that's been invested.

Somebody's not gonna be a happy camper. That's if you decide to tackle the situation head-on at that very moment. If you're like me, you're going to finesse your way out of that convo and handle it 'later'. Take it from me, that's not the way to go.

You could be that other person, too. No one is exempt from wanting someone they simply cannot have. Even better than that, you cannot have him/her the way you want to. That sucks the worst, right?

So what do you do? You're stuck in a pickle (is that a White phrase?). My advice to you and myself is to talk about and state intentions up front. We women will psych ourselves out. We'll say kickin' it is cool with us, knowing there's a possibility that we'll want more. Before we know it, we like the dude. Hard as we try, we can't shake it. Damn.

But, if an agreement was made, there's no such thing as "she/he knows how I feel. He/she just won't act right." No no, boo boo. You can't flip it like that! Sorry, you gotta play the game fair.

Answer B: Maybe people want to kick it, no strings attached, no serious intentions because they're afraid of being hurt or being hurt again. And why have they been hurt, you ask? Because that person they've fallen for has shown all signs of true interest, so they think. While laying in bed with that person thinking about what their kids will look like, the other person is really wishing there was a button on the side of the bed to push to eject that ass out the window. Sooner or later those expectations of a real relationship and reciprocated feelings are shattered by that person. Oh well. It happens everyday.

So, I don't know, take your pick. The answers seem to intertwine, as you can see. But sometimes kickin' it is actually done the right way. Neither party wants anything more or less from the other. That's hotness. If you've known that to happen often, let me know so I can breathe in some of that air. Or maybe not. Maybe I'm "just not built that way."

Happy Birthday, Delta!

If you read my previous post and you know me, you'll notice that I did not mention that I'm a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, by way of the great Alpha Tau Chapter. BUT I AM!! I did that on purpose-lol. Today, January 13, 2007, is Founder's Day for our illustrious Sorority, celebrating 94 years of setting the standard and the example.

So why am I sitting here typing, instead of attending a Founder's Day program or luncheon? Because I'm not financially active this year. A damn shame, I know. But guess what? I am BROKE and I do feel bad about it. Believe me! Came across some hard times this year.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. This day will a day of reflection on my sorority and my contributions to the community in the name of Delta. I'm ready to go forward to fulfill my commitment as an active member. But for now, to all my Sorors who may read this.....


Have a DIVA-fied Day!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Who Am I?

Just in case you're wondering a little bit more about me (because I know you're nosy!), here it is. I am:

A woman. In the quarterlife stage. VERY single. A believer. A Christian. An only-child and sister to three all at the same time (Does everybody's Daddy have "other kids"? It's all good!). Friend. Tall. A socialite. Silly as hell. Music addict. Clothes addict. A GIRLY girl. Happy most of the time. Able to find comedy in almost any situation. All about the nightlife. A Writer. In touch with my inner-child. Avid television-watcher. PRO-black, but not doing enough to show it (working on that this year!). Attracted to men who are no good/ultimately losers. Fickle/wishy-washy (finally admitted it!). A connoisseur of Apple Martinis. Ready to move to the next phase of my life. A lover of all things uplifting. A hater of all things stupid. Sensitive. Caring, but in a non-caring way. Talkative. Sometimes loud. A sleepy-head. Hardworking. Determined. A Prince-era fan. A crier. Ticklish. A friend of God.

I am...what I am. Let me be...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let Go, Let Flow

First thing Thursday morning, I'm gonna pack my tears away
Got no cause to look back, I'm looking for me a better day
See the thing of it is we deserve respect
And you can't demand respect without change
Comes a time when we must all make a change

Just let go, let it flow, let if flow, let flow
Everything's gonna work out right ya know

That was the Queen of Mumble, Toni Braxton's Let It Flow, if you didn't catch on by now. I just changed the day to Thursday because it's today and today is...my last day of work!

For some reason, I have mixed emotions about leaving. Please believe I'm ready to go and get what God has in store for me, but it a lil sad. I can't lie. I guess I'm just an emotional creature like that. So shoot me! No, not foreal.

As I sit here typing, it's kind of weird, yet comforting to know that I won't drive into that parking lot again, or sit in this comfortable-ass, presidential chair anymore and log on to my computer. I guess after awhile it was like going through the motions.

They're supposed to be having a lil cake and ice cream social deal for me. Looking forward to it, not because it's for me, but because it cake and ice cream. I have have been craving sweets like a mugg! Anyway, my time is up here. Let's ride...

P.S. Yes, I shamelessly stole that title from Something New. So what?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm Just Sayin' Though

I got a problem with the following:

I'm looking at BETJ and a promo for some show is on. The voice over guy says 'Yada Yada. See it on Sundays and Wednesdays.' But on the screen Wednesday is mispelled. Wedsnesday. WTF? This is why they call BET Black Embarrasing Television. Or something like that! Let's be at one with spell check, please!

My supervisor is giving me work still like my last day is not in 1 1/2 days. Beat it buddy. I ain't doing sh___!

It has always bothered me that my coworker always wears high water pants. If I can find pants long enough for me, you can, too. That air hittin them ankes in the winter time CANNOT be fun.

Why does Lil Boosie constantly refer to putting baby powder on his chest on several songs? This may not bother you, but clearly, have you SEEN Boosie??

I'm so sick of this topic on Myspace/Facebook/emails, etc.: Hateration. Yes, hate makes the world go 'round. We already know this, get over it. People, please stop making references to Katt Williams' hateration jokes and repeating them like you made them up. If he already said it, it's not original when YOU say it. Seriously though, will you still be saying "you need 16 haters by the summer" in July?

The buzzing noise that my computer makes at night sometimes scares the heezie out of me when I wake up.

My mama's backup pair of glasses look like MC Hammer glasses. I told her all she needed was some gold chains and a Kangol and she's good to go for Yo! MTV Raps. They are Marc Ecko, though.

Reality shows are taking over the world and I don't seem to mind this time around. I just found I'm a Rolling Stone on MTV.

I see why Blackplanet gets no love these days. They're trying to step their game up with all these new additons-music, page logs, etc. Can we please get some censorship. If one more ig-nant-ass dude sends me a picture of his penis, I will scream! That's doing what for me? And you have nothing else better to do than take pictures of it? Read a book, you IDIOTS.

You owe me money, but you sending friend requests on MS. Can I do a friend request for my damn money then???

I'm just sayin' though...

Ode to Good Ole' "Black Movies"

Just in case you didn't know, I love movies--movies with all-black casts, to be exact! Some of my favorites have been popping up on television this week, so I don't have anything else to do, so I'll break down a couple.

Waiting to Exhale

I'm watching it on the WE channel as I type. Sidebar: You'll be suprised how much this channel gets away with with the profanity. Just like the DVD! I love it!

You ladies know this is the all time Let's-Get-the Girls-Together-Cause-We-Ain't-Got-No-Man movie! It was so liberating...yet depressing as hell at the same time. Four women who can't get it together in the men department holding their breath on the quest to find TRUE love. Hence the title Waiting to Exhale. Even though this movie was made 12 years ago and the book was written 15 years ago, it's still relevant. Women are still waiting to exhale to this day. We damn near need to be resucitated. Brought back to life. Drama and insanity posing as real love is killing women everyday. It's a shame some things don't change. But there's hope. Things get better, just takes some closing of the hearts and opening of the eyes. I mean, it happened for them, why can't it happen for us?

The second theme in this movie is friendship. Yeah, sometimes it's hard for four women to get along and be real friends. You know how we are! All the women in this movie came from different walks of life, with different experiences with men. Yet they remained sources of support for each other, in both good and bad times. Isn't that what friendship is about?

Favorite Lines:

Naw, I need you to be the background to my foreground.

It's about knowing me!

Youuuu ragedy bitch! You better be more careful of who you pick up at grocery stores next time.

You didn't want our children to be improperly influenced. Well guess what, John? You're the muthafuckin' improper influence!!

You know some of us are still on that Dreamtrip, girl... (WTF??)

Boy, you will NEVER get another whiff of this!

And if she don't want him, umph, I'll SLAM dunk him tonight! (Talking about an ex-football player)

Lastly, can anyone tell me what Bernadine is saying as she walks away from the burning car and flicks the cigarette?

Pivotal Moments:

When Bernadette walks in the boardroom and slaps the heezie out of the white girl her husband left her for. LOL!

Gloria finds her son, Tariq gettin, gettin, gettin some head from a white girl. (See a trend?)

Love Jones

I was feeling mushy the other night, so I popped in that good DVD (Thanks, Jef!). One word to describe this movie: CLASSIC.

Unlike Waiting to Exhale, this movie appealed to both sexes. An aspiring photographer, Nina (the fabulous Nia Long) and aspiring author, Darius (scrumptous Larenz Tate), meet in a poetry club in Chicago (I don't think the term neosoul was being widely used in 1997) and a relationship is born. After doing the damn thang on the first date, the two begin a non-committed, sexual relationship (also known as "kickin' it), while secretly pegging each other as The One. Meanwhile stubborn pride gets in the way and phone calls aren't returned. Nina goes out with Darius' jealous, hating-ass friend, Wood. Later Darius and Nina get back together, but break up again.

Nina finally gets a solid gig in NYC and Darius tries to see her before she leaves to get her back, but it's too late. His short legs just didn't make the cut running after that damn Amtrak. Two years later, Nina returns to that same club in the CHI. Darius is in the crowd. Five minutes later, they are kissing in the rain. Ahhhh!! Black love is so beautiful!

Okay, how many times have we been in a semi-relationship and refused to tell the guy how we really felt. I mean, we're really feeling the guy, but we expect him to read our minds. Guess what? For one, he can't read your mind. When they say that, they really mean it. This came straight from a guy friend of mine. They are so oblivious sometimes it's scary. You can parade around his front yard with 'I like you---Foreal!' spray painted in gold on a red bedsheet with a majorette uniform on and he still wouldn't get it. You actually have to say it, as hard as it can be sometimes. Yet, they supposedly "just know" when a girl wants to have sex with them. Isn't that ironic? For two, he's just as stubborn as you are. Go figure.

Second theme: Though it was minor, I thought jelously was a theme. Wood was such an A-1 hater. He used Nina to get to Darius, then made her walk home after a date. Aw hell to da naw!

Newsflash: Someone has to stand up and own up to their feelings. Especially when sex is involved. The comforting thing is knowing that what will be, will be. If you're supposed to be like B and Jay, things will work out. But look at how much ish you gotta go through to get to that point. Agghh! Love, sweet love!

Favorite Lines:

Let me break it down so it can consistently and forever be BROKE.

Well, damn.

I steal. I don't get stole on!

Photographer: Your photos could be slicker.
Nina: Slicker? What do you mean?
Photographer: Slicker....You know, the comparative of slick.

I'm going to get some muthafuckin' Toasted Oats!

Aw, now don't tell me you're afraid of gettin' a little...wet tonight...

Nina: It was like his d*ck....talked to me
Friend: What it say??
Nina: Ni-na...Ni-na

Why you stomping around here like somebody don stole yo fuckin' bike.


Pivotal Moments:

When they had sex on the first date. DUH!!


Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy 2007!

So I'm a little late. It is a whole five days after the new year began, but I had to say it sometime, right?

This year is going to be MY year. Isn't everybody saying that though? But why can't it be true? I haven't blogged in so long because there is so much to tell, I couldn't even express it. So here goes in order of importance:

It's 2007 and I'm still living with my health and strength. Self-explanatory.

My family is still intact. We even had an additon to our family in December--a beautiful baby girl.

(Singing) I GOT A JOB!!! That's right, I gots me a new gig. THANK YOU JESUS!!
I'll be a facilitator in a money management program for corporate employees. A big stretch from what I'm doing now, but I know God placed me there for a reason. I was nervous, but I'm ready to take it on. And I will an oral communications professor at a nearby community college. I have a lot on my plate, but it's all good. It'll keep my mind off other things.

I have not one, not two, but three articles published at Honey Magazine Online. Yep, you remember Honey and if you were like me you were crushed when they were snatched from the newsstands. I've blogged about them before. My secret ambition is to become a writer at Essence or Honey. Well, I guess it isn't a secret anymore, huh?

Welllll, I sent a couple of stories in to the website expecting to hear nothing. After a week or two, I was feeling froggy and decided to jump. I emailed the editor again and she replied saying she'd posted them already! Special thanks to editor, Suzanne Burge and Sylvia at I Like Her Style (she's linked on the sidebar) for putting me on. My dreams are beginning to come true! Check the stories out at http://www.honeymag.com/> Features>Girl Talk. Look for Having My Way, Who's Looking Out for You? and Is Your Flight for Your Life's Journey Delayed?

I still have the same friends I had in 2006. Drama-free, or maybe 75 percent drama free. (Hey, I guess I can't complain.)

I am at peace with the fact that God's will WILL be done. No matter what I think about it, everything comes in its own time.

That husband of mine is out there somewhere. I am no longer doubting the happiness that God has in store for me.

I have committed myself (atleast the first 7 days) to opening my heart and mind to new things and new people. Hence recreating myself in some way. It's no wonder I deal with the same kinds of people and situations repeatedly. Sheesh! Enough of that sh*t already!

I have to cut down on the profanity. It's just not ladylike. Excuse me while I get it out:
Shit...Damn...Muthafucka (Note: I rarely use the "F" word, but Bernie Mac was right. 'Don't be afraid of the word 'muthafucka') lol

So, that's it for now. I have some other things to discuss, but it took forever to get that out. Have a happy, prosperous 2007!!!!