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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So finally, I have some time to myself to blog. It has been crazy. Last week, I had two stories due today, but one of them dropped off. Thank God because he was weird as ____. I'm about to send my second story now. I'm finished with my classes for work, but an entire new session is about to start for teens. Yay. More writing assignments and more projects, but after November 15, I should be able to rest.

I had a job interview today by phone. It's in communications. I also forwarded my resume for another job. It's going into good hands. Who knows what God has in store for me? I know that this job is perfect for me now because I have time to write and get my "business" up and running. Now I have two positions hopefully in the works that are in communications/PR, but very fast-paced. That could cut back on my writing time and creativity, but I doubt. I think I've gotten lazy and I'm a little reluctant to get back into it. But I will. As long as it's more money. It's not that crucial though. I already have a job that I like, but I don't believe in ever getting too comfortable.

Enough of the serious stuff. NIP TUCK is back on and I'm too excited! This time around looks like Sean is the big man, instead of Christian. I still think Sean is a wuss, but he has reason to be. His business partner is the real father of his son. HA! Anyway, the season is started off unexpectedly already.

I'm missing the all-day Martin marathon on Saturday on TV One. Dammit!!! You know I'm a fanatic.

The Hills--Umm, never thought I'd say this, but I'm about to be so over these chicks. Whitney's presentation at Teen Vogue NYC...what the hell was that? Can we get more words in the vocab besides "umm," "yeeaaahhh" or "so what hap-penedddd?" And they had nerve to say the presentation was great? Beat it. Valley Girl wouldn't stand a chance in the nonprofit world.

No offense, though. And did you see the switch on Marc Jacobs. He puts my mama to shame! Lauren was so supposed to be so excited to meet him, but she was like, "Um, yeah, Marc. Nice to meet you...beat it." LOL

I feel the need to travel suddenly. I need to hit up ATL and NYC immediately.

Anyway, that's it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Stuff

What's up?

It's been a minute. I've been quite busy these days. I have so much going on, I can't get focused. I may have a slight case of ADD....maybe not. The beginning of this week, I had about five articles due by the 31st. One of them happens to be the cover story for this mag in town. Yippee! More money for me.

So far, I've gotten two out of the way. Look for interviews with J. Holiday and contemporary gospel newcomer, Ian Von (see below) in the November issue of Clutch.

Since I'm not ready to build a website, I now have a myspace page for freelance writing only. Check it out. www.myspace.com/alishatillery (Oh, and thanks for the comments on The Fashion Bomb post. I really really appreciate it!)

On top of that, I had a workshop for work on Wednesday, not to mention acting as a "credit specialist" and spokesperson for a segment on the local news. And they're coming back for another interview today.

Then on Tuesday, the roommate was out sick for a proposal meeting at the county office. Even though she called the supervisor to fill in for her, of course, she didn't get the message and was a no-show. Therefore, yours truly had to handle the entire presentation. I wasn't too happy about it at first, but I pressed on. It was a good meeting, too.

I was a little P.O. when the in-house weird scientist stood by like a hawk listening to my TV interview. It could be me just being paranoid, but I know he stayed around because (1) he was the previous unofficial spokesperson and he was just dying to get on camera. Damn near salivating and licking the reporter's feet (2) he doubted my ability to do well. Bet you didn't know that was my job before I got here-media relations, I mean.

Bottom line: After all that meeting and presenting and talking and teaching....I'm tired as hell.

Before I was saying, "Hey, I didn't sign up for all this! Where's that raise (because I'll be looking for one.)?" But I'm just glad that I'm getting the experience and thankful that God has given me a gift that allows me to speak in front of people and conduct myself professionally with confidence, instead of fear.

On top of all that, my brain is still turning about my PR consulting. I'm at a standstill right now. I'd like to talk to some people first and get good advice before I jump in head first. I just read an article about more organizations contracting projects to consultants, rather than going to PR agencies to handle the PR in its entirety. That's a good look for me. I just feel like I have to get moving. No time like the present.

Now tell me who's the cheapest (and best) website hosting site!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Dropped a Post on The Fashion Bomb


I have so many things swirling around in my head, I can't get focused. I began a workshop (for work) for an extremely important client. As usual, I was so nervous about it, but by the night before, I just said, "Whatev. God's got me." And He didn't prove me wrong! He never does. The class was a success. I'm actually looking forward to the next one.

If you didn't read my latest Honey post (and I know you have!), then you didn't know that I finally made the decision to try freelance public relations consulting. That means, it's a part-time small business. Small as in just me. I have atleast two organizations that I'd like to pitch to. So far, I've been writing proposals and content for a website and information packets. We'll see how that goes. Any ideas for a name? I have a thought, but it might be wack. So obviously, I'm not sharing.

Claire at The Fashion Bomb was sweet enough to let me do a post as in intern. The post is about boutiques in cities (other than NY or ATL). I really enjoyed writing it. Kudos to all you bloggers who give us content and pictures that you take yourself. As much as I think the blogsphere is cluttered and saturated with fashion blogs, this is one of my favorites. It's up today. Here's the link. Thanks Claire!

I've known him about six years and I can say that is talent and gift are special and purpose is ordained. He has good Christian music with soul. Check him out at www.myspace.com/ianvon1. Look for his interview in next month's Clutch music issue.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Changing Seasons

What's going on, people? There's a new Honey post up! Enjoy or maybe just read it.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Grown Stuff

It's Friday and I'm b'sing at work. I have done a little bit, in addition to manual labor as a favor for a co-worker. It's time to relax for a few. This week been pretty good.

I don't have to see the students until Wednesday because of fall break. Yes! Being an instructor (that really sounds weird) makes me wonder what kind of student I was in college. Did I actively participate in class without being an aggravating twerp? I know I did my work, but when I was in class, what was I doing? Zoning out, writing, trying to stay awake, participating in class discussion, doing work for other classes? I guess I did all of the above (successfully) at some point.

The point being this: everyone is not interested in everything in college. Some of it is exciting, but most of it, you go through it because it's a requirement. I'm just trying to figure out why these students are acting like they're in high school. What the hell is going on? Who knows? Just gimme my check. I need my money on time!

My linesisters and I were out for drinks last night doing what we do best--clowning, talking about our dramatic social lives and reminiscing about school. The main topic was how did we go through four years of school and not find our husbands or husbands-to-be? Not a half of a prospect, even. Homecoming was more of a family picnic--couples toting baby bags and toddlers around. I ain't hating. The Black family is a beautiful institution. It just seems like things changed so quickly. I think I got lost in the shuffle of the transition from fresh out of school to GROWN. But damn it has been almost four years. Things change whether we want them to or not.

I must admit, though I had THE BEST TIME EVER in college, I now ask myself what the hell was I doing all that time? Was it really filled with only parties, clubs, school activities and school work? Pretty much....

This past weekend I realized that I never had a major relationship then because the guys I liked and vice-versa all had deal-breaker circumstances that could not be overcome. Be it crazy girlfriends, kids, mindset, whatever. Have you ever been in a "thing" with someone and just knew that it would never be? Never work? Well, that's how it was for me.

I was also thinking that I should have been back my writing game years ago. While I was "living for the city" in grad school, I should have been sending in queries, applying for internships, etc. I just didn't have it in me though. I wasn't focused and I tried, believe me.

I'm not trippin though. Let the past be the past and look FORWARD. The time is now.

While I'm on that note, me and Youngin are, for lack of a better word, done. I guess you can say, out of sight, out of mind. The thrill is gone. For now, anyway. Probably permanently. I know how I am. Too bad he doesn't.

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy this weekend because next week will be REAL. Oh, and thanks for the comments on the Empress article. I thought everyone could relate.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Day

Hey People,

It's a lot going on. I don't know where to begin, if I even want to begin at all. I'm not in the best of moods, but it will get better. I have a lot to do in the next few days. I kinda wish I could just run away and relax on the beach. The job(s) are draining me a bit, I guess. That's life though.

This weekend I went to Homecoming. It was different. Fun, but different. For reasons that I can't really explain. Baton Rouge is still home to me.

Yesterday was Mommy's birthday. It was such a beautiful day, just like it is today. I got her and gift and had dinner at her favorite place these days. I love that woman!

It's cold outside! I guess it's about time though. It is the middle of October. I'm still not ready for the cold.

The crime in this city, the racism in this city and the ignorance in this city is enough to make me sick. I don't know what to do, except pray.

On a lighter note, I have an article in Empress Magazine, "Taking a Slice of Devil's Pie". Check it out.

Some other things are under way, so stay tuned.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Mondays: As If It Wasn't Bad Enough

Just when you think Kells has done the unthinkable, you see this foolery...lmao

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My God! The Dead Has Arisen/Pop-Up Action

Since someone in my past decided to pop up and place a phone call to "check on me" recently, I decided to tell you a story...It's pretty much one of those situations where "you had to be there" or atleast know the situation, but it's way overdue.
While in grad school, I fell in extreme like, infauation, something-like-love with this guy. Let's call him Mike. He was That ONE, not THE One, but That ONE. Cute as pie, sweet and hilarious, a wonderful sense of style and this lil swag about him. Anyway, long story, short, we were doing whatever we did for a few months and suddenly, I had to leave school. Once I returned home, we still talked occasionally because he could never be found. Cell number was always changing, etc. It drove me crazy. I saw him whenever I was back in Louisiana. Rah rah.

Finally one day, I called after months of not talking, just to chat. I could have sworn he tried to play me to the left. As if he couldn't talk. He was really shady that day. Because I'm a semi-Joan, I just hung up (in his face) and was just hurt. More than rejection, I hate feeling played. It's just not a good feeling. Period.

Time passed and I dated other (wack-ass) guys and completely forgot about him. Then comes Hurrican Katrina. Again, I found myself in The Boot (for my grandmother's funeral) the day after the levees broke. I thought to myself, 'I wonder where Mike is. Is he okay?' I tried to call and text, but to no avail--nothing was working. On top of that, he was in the service. What if he'd been summoned for Iraq?

Eventually, I forgot about him again. Fast forward to August 2006. After I received my Master's degree, I decided to party with my friends in the N.O. For the first time in a long time, I was able to drive across the bridge to New Orleans without my thoughts of him jumping in the front seat with me. We decided to go out and to my surprise, the club was packed. It was then that I thought how crazy it would be if I saw him there. But no! Hardly anyone was back in the city, right?

Having the best of fun with my girls, I see this group of guys coming towards us. This dude is so close to me, I'm looking at him as if he's a disease. I had to turn my head for our noses not to touch. Who is it, you ask???

Mike. Nothing but smiles and that look. You know.

Yep. One year later, in a club, dead in the middle of August, while I'm celebrating my graduation, he appears from the thin air. You could have sold me for a nickel! My body temperature shot up to 500 degrees. Maybe you can't relate, but it was completely unexpected for me (ask my girl, who was dying laughing behind me). It was like seeing a ghost. It was really him though, looking so damn cute! His voice, his smell, everything was the same. It took me about 15 minutes just to process his prescence. He proceeded to pick up right where we left off....a year (and a half) ago.

Lord knows, I wanted to. I almost did, but then I had to give him the no-sir. I'm good now. Maybe he was just strategically placed there so I could know that he was indeed, okay. He wasn't swept away in the hurricane and he doesn't live somewhere in Utah. He was right where I met him. I used to wonder what if. Would I still communicate with him today? Would I continue to play myself? No doubt, I'll run into him again. Maybe not this weekend, maybe not next year. Probably in the frozen food section in Kroger in Milwaukee, WI in 2015. His timing has always been off.

The whole point is this: men just kill me with the pop-up action! You can't just do that to us. We have to be prepared to deal with the shock and emotions that come along with it. So men, can you check with us before you decide to pop up, please? That would be great!


Monday, October 01, 2007

15 Thoughts for Monday

1. I have a headache. But I'm thankful.

2. These Forever 21 short-sleeved tees are the best! So comfortable.

3. ABC is going to turn me into a homebody: Grey's Anatomy, BIG SHOTS (watch it!), Private Practice, Ugly Betty, Dirty Sexy Money, Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives?

4. Girlfriends and The Game season premiere. Joan is engaged. There is hope.

5. I have a lot to work on in the relationship communications department.

6. I'm excited about lunch and I brought it today.

7. Why don't I have Jill Scott's CD yet?

8. Clutch's October issue is up.

9. I didn't do early voting.

10. I think I may cancel class this evening--just not feeling it.

11. After all the running around looking for outfits for Homecoming, I realize that clothes are ugly this season. Too much SATIN!

12. But I'm still excited about Homecoming.

13. Friday can't come quick enough.

14. I need to do my budget for this month's activities since I do have extra income. Thank ya Lord!

15. Is it 5:00 p.m. yet?

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