Quarterlife Mocha Girl

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh Yeah, It's Halloween

It's Halloween. Whoop de do...I feel really guilty for not being excited about Halloween. I don't think my household will be participating in the festivities. Not because I think Halloween is a satanic or evil holiday, but because...I'm tired! We'll have to keep the front light off. I really hate that becaues the kids deserve some fun and seeing a house with no light on is NOT FUN. It says, "We don't give a damn if you want candy. GO HOME!" But I'm tired as hell!

All I want to do is get into something comfortable, lay in the bed and eventually fall asleep. Oops, no such thing. Today is Tuesday. It's Nip Tuck Day!!! I guess I'll tuning in to that fine Christian Troy.

By the way, Sanaa Lathan is gracing the silver screen on the show these days. She is so the bomb!! Leave it up to Sanaa to play the character who finally hooks Christian. Not even Kimber could do it. Sanaa (don't ask me what her character's name is, I forgot!) had him, the biggest womanizer-hoe on earth, laying on the bed asking her to "stay with him." Get him, Sanaa. Check NipTuck if you're afraid of getting hooked every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on FX.

Uh Oh...Here Comes Trouble: NiggaSpace

Look at what I stumbled on....


"The site is in no way meant to be racist," he told FishbowlNY
today. The domain name was purchased in February, "Tyrone" says,
with the intention of creating an alternative to MySpace
where "black people can feel comfortable." "Tyrone," though, says
Niggaspace is for everyone, not just blacks. According to
its "About" section, "you definitely don't have to be black to join!
We just want to embrace the black culture that continues to innovate
and strive!"

What in the hell? No, what the fuck??? (Excuse my French!) Come on, dude. Is this site really going help our race strive?? Give me a damn break!

Okay, I admit, I say the word "nigga." Maybe more than I should (but not frequently). This is crazy though. Bottom line, nigga, ni**er, whatever you want to call it--it's wrong. And this site is ridiculous. I can see how an 18-year-old is the brainchild. Though I'm guilty of spatting the word, it's something about seeing it written. It's not a good feeling that I get when see that thousands of people are falling into this foolish fad.

There's always someone to come up with something that makes us, African Americas, blacks, look like idiots. Do we love ourselves? I'm little heated. I won't even leave the link. I don't encourage anyone to visit the website.

As if my day wasn't already kinda janky!


Monday, October 30, 2006

When I'm 25....

If you noticed the name of this blog is Quarterlife Mocha Girl. I'm a girl and I'm black. I think those are pretty much obvious. But I haven't said one word about the quarterlife part. Go figure!

Way back in the gap when Honey Magazine was on top, (what happened, Honey???)I read an article on the Quarterlife Crisis. Yeah, you've heard about it. Surely, by now you have, Honey was around in 2001-2002. Anywhoo, the article was based on the actual book, The Quarterlife Crisis. For those of you who are twentysomethings who wonder daily, "What the hell am I doing with my life? Where am I going?" this book is for you!

Since I was about 19 or 20 when I was reading this article in Honey, I thought, 'hey that could be me in a few years, I can see it already.' But then I thought, 'nah, by the time I'm be set.' My plan to graduate and immediately move to a big city (since I'm a big-city kind of chick)was the only thing I saw. In my mid-twenties, where am I now?

Yes, I'm in a big city aka home. Yep, I'm still at Mama nem's house, working a mediocre, yet sometimes rewarding job. Did I mention that I don't have one of those things, what do you call them? Oh yeah, a boyfriend. I am officially having a Quarterlife Crisis. Let me break it down for ya. Characteristics of the QC are the following:

-feeling "not good enough" because one can't find a job that is at his/her academic/intellectual level
-frustration with relationships, the working world, and finding a suitable job or career
-confusion of identity
-insecurity regarding the near future
-insecurity regarding present accomplishments
-re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships
-disappointment with one's job
-nostalgia for university or college life
-tendency to hold stronger opinions
-boredom with social interactions
-financially-rooted stress
-desire to have children

These emotions and insecurities are not uncommon at this age, nor at any age in adult life. In the context of the quarter-life crisis, however, they occur shortly after a young person – usually an educated professional, in this context – enters the "real world". After entering adult life and coming to terms with its responsibilities, some individuals find themselves in a world of career stagnation and extreme insecurity.

Okay, so all of these don't apply to me, but 9 out of 12 aint' bad! This is what I'm going through, in no particular order, if not all at once. I'm okay with it though. Atleast it's been defined. All good things come to those who wait, ya know. Wait along with action, that is. Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, I'm not yet in touch with that one.

There's so many thoughts going on in my head. For example, sometimes I think the nightlife scene is so overrated now and staying at home watching reruns of Bridezilla is more fulfilling. Then I think the very next day, this shit is wack. I'm young. I need to live it up while I can.

Can you relate to any of these characteristics? Come on now...be honest.


Random Thoughts from Last Week

It's been a long time...Damn, didn't I just start this blog like last week? So I had a much-dreaded out of town event to attend for my job, and surprisingly, it wasn't half-bad. Who can complain about free lodging, free, DELICOUS food and secret catnaps? Not me!!

I was quite taken aback when I received a trillion compliments on my look for the event. Not that I didn't think I looked fabulous, but it's different coming people who are not your own. Get my drift? Me, the girl who is always behind the camera, snapping pictures all over the place, was being asked to be in them. Kinda weird.

While I'm thinking about it, you know some people just need to relax, ya know? Why get a funky attitude about things you cannot change? Why stress yourself out over...NOTHING?? It's crazy. I need to take my own advice sometimes, but it's particularly aggravating when I see over people go through this. I know some folks who could put Halle and Denzel to shame with all their "dramatical" acts. Ughhh! It just kills me!

On to the next peice of randomness....

For the first time in seven years, I won't be attending my college's homecoming. Damn, damn, damn. I think I'm about to cry. The one weekend dedicated strictly to catching up with old friends and acting a fool guilt-free is off limits for me. I'm guess I'm being an adult and choosing a financial opportunity over fun. Can't have fun without money, right?

Um, yeah, I love Ciara's new song/video, "Promise." I've been reading bloggers' comments about the video. I got one thing to say: "STOP HATIN'!" Actually I don't think she's biting off Aaliyah or Janet. Well, maybe a little with the microphone stand thing, but let's face it. Janet isn't getting any love these days anyway, so what's the point? Kudos to CiCi for getting her Grown Woman on!

Well, that's it for now.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some People Are Just Aggravating as Hell!

Here's the scenario, I'm working on a group project (not work-related) and this chick totally oversteps her boundaries with me. You'll see throughout this blog that I have the chronic case of the "nice-ies," meaning I'm too damn nice. Not the run-me-over nice, but I always look for the good in people. There was always that guy or girl who everyone loved to hate, I would always say, "Well, he/she was always sweet to me." My friends hate it!

I say all of this to say that it takes a lot to rub my wrong way, however this chick (see first paragraph) is way too much! I only have one thing to say to her: "Sit Yo Ass Down (S.Y.A.D.)!"

This is for people who are (a) always in the way (my way, to be exact), (b) over the top, (c) constantly giving their opinions when not asked and (d) just getting on my damn nerves!

You know somebody like that, right? That one who's always DOING TOO MUCH (DTM). (This acronym will also be referred to as Daytime Minutes later.) Anyway, there's always this one person who feels like who he/she knows, hangs out with or what he/she has really matters. Like, seriously though, who the hell cares, but you???

I have short patience for foolishness and what came to be yesterday was exactly that. But of course, I never change, so in a "nice" way, I gotta tell this chica, "Sit you ass down!"

Think I can do it?


Don't Call It a Date

A friend and I were talking about dating, men, the lack thereof of both and other girly things yesterday. I was going out to eat with a male friend when my girlfriend says, "Okay, have fun on your date."

Okay, what exactly is a date? I was meeting this particular person at a restaurant, so I considered it an "outing." Even though he would be paying (and yes he did pay), does that qualify as a date? Does the guy need to pick the woman up for it to be a certified date? This was all too confusing, especially considering that I'd been out on several dates in my lifetime. I should know the difference by now. I decided to look to the trusty Webster-Merriam Dictionary. Here goes:

Date (n.): an appointment to meet at a specified time; especially : a social engagement between two persons that often has a romantic character

Aha! So this definition solidifies nothing of the matter of picking up the person or the check. So my next question is, when we women are defining what's a date and what's not, are the logistics of the date the issue or the person we are with? If it's a hot guy that we're out with, it's a date. If it's a friend or someone who's just "aight," it's not a date. Don't deny it ladies, we all do it!

We are something else, aren't we? Anyway, stay tuned for confusing-ass questions about this dating thing. By the way, the date, uh, outing was pretty nice!


Monday, October 23, 2006

My First Time

Okay, like the legendary Salt-N-Pepa said, "Get your dirty mind out the gutter!" No, this is not about my first time doing the do, although it was pretty nice. This is my first blog. Outside of Myspace, that is. It's about time, I know, but better late than never. Finally I took the time out to register, adding to the super-long list of usernames and passwords that I can never seem to remember. Maybe, I should write them down, yes?

Anyway, I'm twenty-something, a woman and Black. Imagine what I could get myself into. I'm living and working in Memphis 10, home of Elvis the Pelvis and Oscar-winning Three Six Mafia (who woulda thought?). Please, don't hold either against me, I didn't choose Memphis, it chose me.

This blog will hopefully rekindle my love for writing and how do you say, FORCE me to write on a more consistent basis. I have spiral notebooks and journals full of thoughts and randomness (it wasn't a word, but now it is!) about happenings and not-so-happening happenings in my life since age 13. Thanks to my 7th grade teacher for assigning us that project!

Come along with me and see how exciting, boring, random, surprising and crazy my life can be. I would say that I'm an ordinary chick, but that depends on what you call ordinary, I guess. I'm a fun girl, a happy medium. Put it like this, you can catch me at a hot party, but not on Flavor of Love. I'm not THAT sensational. Anywhoo, it should be a ride....we may run out of gas though....