Quarterlife Mocha Girl

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Like a thief in the night, I appear! I'm back kids. That cliche' was so inappropriate as I am living in a house alone and I REALLY don't want a thief to come in the night. Not even if it's God himself. I ain't ready to go!

Yep, I after days of agonizing, waiting and praying (for patience), I am a homeowner. I'm up in that piece. I'm also still in my apartment. Well, my clothes are. It's a crime and a shame how many clothes and shoes I have. The walk-in closet at the house is already full. Time to go to Goodwill.

The first night I slept in the house, I was so tired, I didn't even bother being scared. I woke up and felt like I was in a hotel. Reality set it that the place was mine, I immediately broke out into a prayer of thanks. A few tears fell. Yeah, I'm just emotional like that.

Next up, tracking down the yard man because the grass needs to be cut badly. (I have good, pretty, green grass, too! Don't be jealous!) I can't let my nosy neighbors think I'm trifling.

Okay, I had to write this down so I can see it and actually do it.

As I'm awaiting a copy of UPTOWN's Summer issue with my little 60 word blurb and byline, I realized that I love to write. It is my passion, but I haven't been serious about it. I have been very successful over just two years in getting great clips from awesome publications, but I need to put some more work in.

I write electronically, but that does not make me tech savvy. I only use the computer for work and downloading music. So the task of creating a website has been last on the list. Yet, it's so necessary. Remember my Pitch Me! post on Aliya's blog? Better yet, remember this comment from an editor?

But the major error is referring clip viewing to MySpace. No, no, no, I can’t take that serious. MySpace is viewed as very juvenile. If you can’t set up a site of your own for clips than provide links or say you can furnish clips upon request, or make a section on your blog specifically for clip viewing. But the MySpace link seems low brow. If I bothered to look, I would be biased to say the least.

This is what I have now and I'm ashamed to say, but it hasn't even been updated in God's knows when. I'm about to delete my personal Myspace account, so surely I can't refer editors to THAT.

So...I'm working on a website. Seriously. A website is so much more, eh, official than a blogspot. I was inspired by Belle's new home and Jeannine Amber's site (Love the homepage pic--so much better than a boring headshot). Check out Danyel Smith's (EIC of Vibe)interactive memoir, Naked Cartwheels. Now that's hot.

It's time for me to step my game up.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Case of the Mondays

I'm in an uncomfortable mood today. Don't know quite know how to explain it, so I'll just leave it there. My mind is moving at warp speed these days. I feel like I need another vacation, but there's no time for it. Summer is about to be busy, busy. Here's what's been going on:

1. I'm buying a house...like this week. Yes, yes, I stepped out on faith (after pre-approval) and signed a contract to buy a house. I love it! The only problem is it's taking a little longer than I thought to close the deal. Chalk it up to that impatient thing that I'm trying to work on. But also, attribute that to some of my uneasiness. Let's get it over, already! My apartment is a mess, I've been on the phone with the utility/cable/phone people all morning. I swear that I hate automated systems!!!

2. The time of the month (also referred to by my old college roommate as "Keisha") has me down, down, down. I need some relief. ASAP.

3. I went to Jazzfest last month and had a great time with my friends and linesisters. Everyone is so blessed in one way or another. It's like it's contagious.

4. Work is about to get crazy within the next month. I won't even go into details.

5. I'm trying desperately hard to save my money (atleast until I get paid on Friday) and not buy this hot pair of shoes that I saw in Macy's.

6. I had my cholesterol checked at a women's fair this weekend. It's 200. NOT GOOD. Pair that with my family history of heart failure and we've got a problem. I'm trying from this day forward to exercise and eat better. I guess skinny folks can't eat whatever they want.

7. I heart Drake. Maybe it's his connection to Memphis. Or the fact that he raps and sings. Maybe he's just hot. If I listen to So Far Gone one more time!!!

Signing out!