Quarterlife Mocha Girl

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Umm, Yeah...

I've been wanting to write something random for the longest, but I just haven't had the inspiration. I still don't, really, but here goes.

The Latest Developments

I am insane. You know the clinical definition of insanity, don't you? Doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.

Yep, that was me a couple of weeks ago. Well, I wasn't actually expecting different results. My reaction to the situation was different, which is GREAT. My problem, moreso, is doing the same things over and over. Let's try something new to keep from getting into these situations.

Next week, I will log on to www.blackpeoplemeet.com. And actually pay the $10 to see the people. Yeah, I'll let you know how that turns out.

This weekend I'm off to the Boot finally. A brief stop in BR and then to the N.O. for Jazzfest. How is it possible that I lived there for five years and never attended? Weird. I'm so ready to have some fun and enjoy the warm weather. It's still cold here (to me). Can I wear my maxi dresses and sandals, please???

I'm on Twitter. I guess I'm still a rookie because I have not yet reaped all the benefits that these article suggest as a member. But I'll be damned if Diddy isn't twittering-est, inspirational, energetic dude in the world! He tweets like every minute. Gotta love it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Damn, That Hurt!

I'm supposed to be grading papers before I leave work at 5 p.m., but it ain't happening. Instead, I'm reading Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said that I wouldn't buy it because it's enough literature and interviews and discussion boards out there to give me the whole shebang without ever hitting the bookstore. Well, I'm reading it, but I didn't buy it. My linesister sent it to me in PDF. Shout to the Grab Bag of Alpha Tau, Spring 2003 (We're six years old today.)!

I hate to admit it and I knew it was true, but to an unimportant-important person, I was what Steve calls, the "sports fish." It makes me cringe to know that that's probably how I put myself out there, hence the down-spiraling relationship---ahem, situation. Read this:

Doesn’t have any rules, requirements, respect for herself, or guidelines, and we men can pick up her scent a mile away. She’s the party girl who takes a sip of her Long Island iced tea or a
shot of her Patrón, then announces to her suitor that she just wants to “date and see how it goes,” and she’s the conservatively dressed woman at the office who is a master at networking, but clueless about how to approach men. She has no plans for any
ongoing relationships, is not expecting anything in particular from a man, and sets absolutely not nary one condition or restriction on anyone standing before her—she makes it very clear that she’s just along for whatever is getting ready to happen

For sure, as soon as she lets a man know through words and action
that he can treat her just any old kind of way, he will do just
that. Men will stand in line to sign up for that, believe me.

I cringe at the thought that for so long, unbeknowst to me, I was giving him the green light to act a fool. Granted, I was young (and dumb), but the real reason a woman says these words is because it's preventing her from saying the real deal, "Hey, dude, I would like to pursue something real; therefore, I'm opening myself up to the possibility of something that works or something that can leave me hurt or disappointed."

Maybe that was just me though.

At this age, though, I have finally figured out that I have to be deliberate with this ish! I have decided to raise my standards and that starts today.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Go SL,It's Ya Birthday!!!

Today is a good day. It's Good Friday and it's my birthday! Twenty-eight years old. That sounds weird, but here it is, nonetheless and I'm thankful for it. I hope it doesn't rain so I can go somewhere. I have treated myself to a hair appointment, massage and mani/pedi. I'm so relaxed right now. Ahhhhhh....

I hope your day is as blessed as mine is. Remember the sacrifice Jesus made today.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Manny Halley Covers Krave: My First Cover Story (Kinda)

See that cover story for Manny Halley??? Guess who wrote it? Me! I had been impatiently waiting for this issue to drop, especially since I completed the assignment on New Year's Day. Something told me to check the website again today and lo, and behold, there it was. I've never had a cover story for a regional publication. How exciting! I can't wait to get the print version in my hands. I might frame it.

It's not my best writing, in my opinion, but I did work pretty hard on it. Manny was a trip to talk to. If I had to do this interview now, I'd have an entirely different set of questions for him, which would have made for a better read. It's amazing the difference a few months makes. Anyway the entire story is there, but it's not broken up into paragraphs. I like paragraphs. They flow better. Check it out here.