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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Stuff

So many things have been going through my mind lately. For example:

Sometimes watching Alexyss Tylor videos is a gift and a curse. After watching one last night, I pondering whether or not I had ever been a "trick-ass bitch" before. You know 'Lexyss is raw to the core! LMAO

I often think about what I want my wedding dance song to be. Right now it's LTD's Love Ballad. Whatchu know bout that old school?

It's about to get really, really hectic for me for the next two months. I refuse to be stressed out like I was last year.

My 52-year-old second cousin, who's like my uncle, sent me a bangin' playlist today! EWF, Maze, Lauryn, Anita and Silk. Who gave him that?

I need to call my brother back. But he's so dry on the phone.....BORING

I'm excited about Essence Music Festival this year. I just realized that I didn't Maze on the artist lineup. Don't play with my emotions.

Still trying to get to the beach though.

I'm proud of all of the successful, determined friends who I surround myself with.

My granny has pneumonia. I hope and PRAY she gets well soon.

I'm ready to go home and relax, but I have class!

I think I'm a little too anxious to do my taxes this year. I don't know why...I never get a major refund. I hope I don't end up owing Uncle Sam. If I get anything back, I'll be grateful.

I'm thinking of story ideas to pitch to editors.

What makes you a better writer? Reading! So, I'm going to attempt to buy more magazines of all genres to get my juices flowing. (Glamour, Essence, Marie Claire, GQ)

I still need to be applying to jobs. And saving. That last one is not a problem really.

It's time for me to move my care my extended stay at work.


Monday, January 26, 2009

That Walk

Before I even knew I was going to Washington, DC to witness the swearing-in of our new President, I knew I would be an emotional basket case wherever I was. Seeing as how I cried a trail of tears from my living room to my bathroom to my kitchen, back to my living room on November 4, 2008, I could pretty much guess that I'd be a mess when it became official.

Standing outside among millions of people for the Inauguration, I can't deny that I was more fixated on the guy's elbow in my back and the woman with the distracting pon-pom hat than I was the ceremony itself. Every two minutes or so, I caught an excellent view of the jumbo tron, but the audio wasn't working on my side. My fingers and toes were numb and I kept fooling with my scarf because it kept falling from my face. It wasn't a comfortable situation. Not at all like laying on my sofa with a glass of Riesling and a slice of cheesecake. (That was my initial plan.)

From the Pre-Inaugural Concert on Sunday to the screen hanging in China Town, every time anyone in the Obama family was shown on camera, the crowd went wild. I was no exception either. Leading up the ceremony cameras were on Diddy, Bey and Jay and countless others as they walked to their seats to get a glimpse of history. After awhile, I'd grown tired of the screaming (except for Malia and Sasha). My throat was hurting and the scarf covering my mouth and nose muffled my cheers anyway.

Then it happened.

Barack Obama was walking down the hallway of the Lincoln Memorial.

Did you see That Walk??????

Maybe I can paint the picture for you. He was walking. Straight ahead. A certain stride in his step. Shoulders back. Head up. Full of pride. Full of accomplishment. A Black man. Yeah, I said it.

Damn. Did you see it?

Even more than that, did you feel it? I felt like I was about to be President.

The look on his face was pleasant. Yet unstoppable. Unbeatable. As my Mama would always say, "Some people, you can just see the God in them." No, I am not saying he is God. He is a man. Only God is the Messiah. But I do believe He uses people to do things and inspire people. Perhaps, Mr. President is one wise enough to know when he is being used for a higher purpose. Just maybe that's what that walk was about.

At that moment, I knew that all of the fanfare and star-studded hoopla wasn't for nothing. It was for something real.

In the cold, at that one specific moment...not when he placed his hand on Lincoln's Bible, not when he said, 'So, help me, God', but with that walk....a stream of tears rolled from my eyes. I didn't even wipe them away.

I will never forget that walk.

Finally Posting

I'm backkkkk!! Yeah, so since I actually have folks who follow this blog, I guess it would be nice if I actually posted every once and a while. So here goes....

I have been to the District of Columbia for what else? The Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein (I'm not afraid to type it!) Obama. I'm sure you're still being bombarded with pics on Facebook, so I'll spare you. Instead, I'll give you a run-down of my trip with a couple of my besties/LS's to the DMV.

Things I Learned While In D.C.

1. We are too damned old to be getting in the car with strangers. Yes, we took a joyride with two guys who we didn't even know, that consisted of making the block around Love maybe four times, clowning party-goers and listening to the breakdown of what a "Bama" is.
2. Apparently, I am country. Or rather, I speak with a twang that EVERYONE notices. I argued with everyone who called me "country". Then I turned my "accent" into high-gear. They talked about it, but they loved it. Ask Officer Cosey!
3. Even during Inauguration, I refuse to pay $80 general admission to a club to see T.I. and Jeezy. I could see them for $40 with an opening act (even if is just Gucci Mane).
4. Taxicab drivers in the DMV do not know their way around. I should not have to give the driver directions when he has a GPS in the car.
5. Public transportation is that ish, but I think I would still need a car. I loved it in NYC, but not as much in DC. The stations were much bigger and CLEANER.
6. None of the escalators in the metro stations worked. Too many people, maybe? I walked up the longest escalator ever in DuPont Circle.
7. People in the DMV say "murried" for "married" and so on. But I'm the one who's country?
8. DC cold and Memphis cold are DIFFERENT. Period.
9. Obama is a REAL rockstar. And he's REALLY President. Have you seen that swag???
10. Howard University is beautiful, but it's still not Southern. I'm so biased. Maybe I should have gone in the day to appreciate its beauty and splendor.
11. The party we went to was nice. The DJ? So-so. I'm not sure if he was wack for GP or because we were "up North". Not sure, what I was looking for, but I definitely needed something recent. And Lil' Jon's "Bia Bia" wasn't getting it.
12. People will make a hustle out of anything, especially Obama. I have seen Obama hot sauce, headscarves, handwarmers and tennis shoes, all in the name of That Dude. Come on, people!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two for Tuesdays (Again)

I neglected to post on Founder's Day (of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.--duh!), but simply put, I was too busy. So.....Ooooooooo-ooooooop!

Since I won't be here for the chapter's official celebration, I took it upon myself to celebrate with sorors unofficially by going out....on a Tuesday. Never again! I had a great time, but let me tell you, if you didn't know hood and country don't mix.

1. I saw several men and women who knew me but I: (a) Don't really think I knew them or (b) If I did, I couldn't remember from where and was too ashamed to ask. This one guy talked to me all night...no clue as to how I know him. Another guy who was BIG as hell (in stature) kept telling me he would buy me "whatever I like". Just name it. Ewww! And I hugged this chick like we shot marbles together in the third grade....Again, no clue.

2. The DJ kept saying that we were celebrating 26 years, instead of 96. I gave him a pass because I knew he didn't go to college. No offense.

3. I thought you couldn't smoke in clubs/bars anymore. Yet, when this guy came close to me, I knew he JUST put the blunt down two seconds before he saw me. Then as I was changing clothes at home, I got a whiff of my shirt. Straight Kools and Camels. Yuck!

4. I am not 21 or 24, for that matter, anymore! I have a two-hour max time limit in the club. How I ever was the first one there and the last one to close it out all those years is beyond me! I just don't have the stamina anymore. It has to be a bangin'-ass party!

5. If you have linesisters (or LBs), there's nothing like them. Tear.

6. The next morning at work, I wanted to pull my eyelashes out hair by hair. I was SO sleepy!

7. Finally, I know that God sees all. And just when you think you're getting over, He shows you. Like, saying, "Gotcha!!" from the heavens. There was a free time for the club before 8 p.m. After, cover is $10. I had my debit card ready to swipe when the guy tells me to pay at the bar because the debit machine was....you guessed it---broken. As soon I walked through the threshold, I clearly kept walking. How would he know whether or not I paid? It was packed. Ballin' on a budget. I continued to enjoy my evening of Willie Hutch, Womack & Womack and Jamie Foxx (it was Grown Folks night). Leaving out, I told my soror that the evening was worth it especially because it ended up being Free.99.

I walked to my car and noticed two fliers on my windshield. Go figure. Just as I was about to let them fly into the air, I noticed that one of them was not a flyer, but a TICKET for $20. I parked in a No Parking zone. Dammit! I couldn't even be mad though.

Cheaters never win.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Victoria's Secret Adds HBCUs to Pink Collegiate Line

Alright, it's about time. This note is so not that serious, but it's something I've been thinking about. Ladies, we all love our Pink by VS, right? It's cute and comfortable and on sale, most of the time. I was estatic to find out that they were releasing a collegiate line for Pink. I found an article on Black Enterprise.com about the line and some controversy surrounding it. A student from Howard University, Amelia Reid, wrote in to VS because on HBCUs were included in the first round of schools represented in the apparel--only PWIs. Texas A&M, LSU, UT---all there. Where are the HBCUs?

Her inquiry and hard work paid off because now HBCUs are represented. Southern University is included in the first round of apparel (because we're the BEST!). There are three other HBCUs: FAMU, NCA&T and Howard. See here.

Here's the issue: Should I run out and buy up this stuff (it's really cute) because now VS decided (as an afterthought) to add my beloved SU OR should I patronize the CollegeCribs and Top Choices (is that still open?), which are Black-owned? Does it really matter? Am I being too sensitive? Will you buy (if your school becomes available)?

I think this was an EXCELLENT marketing/sales strategy, but poor public relations effort on VS's part. They saved themselves quickly. I do think, though, it will get tons of sales, due to accessibility and familiarity. Kudos to Ms. Reid for making things happen.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Resolutions and Goals

Today, I am uninspired. I just can't get into this groove of work. I have been sleeping atleast six to seven hours a night, but in the morning I'm just done. I didn't get out of the bed until 7:15. Not good. I was so empowered to make some real changes as far as my 2009 goals go. I wrote them in my journal, along with a prayer to God before I left for Atlanta (since I would be out for NYE). I guess I could list them here for more affirmation:

Write more, but less. I mean take more challenging writing assignments. All of these small assignments (though I'm truly grateful for them) are draining my creativity, I think. Think: quality, not quantity.

Exercise. I'm so out of shape! For a slim girl, I need an inhaler after jogging five feet. This has to be a cause of my sapped energy. Now when am I going to find the time?

Become more active in church. One upon a time, anytime someone would call me, I would be at church doing something. My work schedule has caused me to fall back. I feel like I've the kids down a little. I wasn't consistent in my efforts. I'd like to restore that faith they had in me.

Get my morning regime in order. For forever, my morning routine has consisted of snoozing my alarm 3+ times, rolling out of bed (and maybe getting back in), rushing to find something to wear, cooking breakfast and running out of the door. I'm always atleast 15-20 minutes late for work unless I have a class. Why? Because I'm not a good preparer. I'd rather hop in the bed than prepare my lunch and lay out my clothes for the next day.

Find contentment. I know where my contentment is...in Jesus! Duh! But sometimes, I'm not content. It come from comparing myself to others, comparing myself to where I thought I would be, etc. It's just not healthy, especially when I know I'm blessed beyond measure. Even when I don't have the things I want, I'm still blessed. I asked God to help me be the person He wants me be. And more importantly, help me not to fight it if I think it's not what I want. What do I know anyway?

Socialize more. If you know me, you know I've been to my fair share of clubs, bars, etc. I'm sure my name is in the Clubbin' Hall of Fame in Baton Rouge. That's not what I mean. I mean doing other non-club things, networking and meeting NEW people. I'm active in my DST chapter, but I'm not as connected as I think I should be. I'm working on that.

Continue to be a good steward over my money, but save more. I think I've done a good job with the earnings I've been blessed with. I believe that's why I am blessed more. Of course, I'll continue to tithe everything I get, but I need to save a little more. I do a good job, but I blew a LOT of money in 2008. I might want to start saving up a for home down payment.

Try to attend Bible Study, atleast on a semi-regular basis. My work schedule always changes, so it's hard to stay consistent. Sometimes, Sunday morning just isn't enough.

I think that's it. There are a few others that I left off purposely. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year!

Um, yeah, it's six days into the new year, but if I had a brand new car even a month, I'd probably still it was new, so there you go. Happy New Year!

I almost didn't post today, but something just led me to. First off, let me say that I officially am ready to get back into public relations/communications. It's not that I don't like my current job. I dreaded going to my first class today, but I had such a good time. However, this has been on my mind for a minute. I've been looking for communications jobs. Ironically, my new boss asked me to write a feature story on a program to submit to media outlets. She mentioned eventually phasing the communications duties out to me since that's my background area. If that happens within the year, that would be great. I need something on my resume that's current, not two years old.

What made the light bulb go was looking in the paper today at the ongoing special they have: Go To the Inauguration. There are daily profiles of individuals and families who are traveling to DC, how they're going, why, etc. The profile today was on a young communications specialist. Black, 26 and traveling with her college friends to DC. I thought, "Damn, that should have been me!" Not being in the paper (I was featured last week), but having the job as communications specialist. It just kinda struck me. When I think about how much work I did in my previous job, I know I can take on any position. So there.

Moving right along....

So far, I've been doing the little small things that I said I would do for the New Year. I spent New Year's Eve and Atlanta and had the best time. I won't bore you and tell you that I have the moving bug AGAIN. I know, I know, every time I visit another city, the bug bites me. Actually the last few times, I went to Atlanta, I thought it was overrated. Where I move to is not the point, so much as moving somewhere else, period. Get it? I just feel like I need to leave.

Is this city really done with or is it just me? Is it possible to move away and have the same empty feeling? Yes, it is, so I won't be hasty with the moving stuff. Rather, I'll ask God to guide me where I need to go and if it's still here, so be it. Whatever is keeping me from experiencing whatever I think I should, I ask Him to take it away.

Over the Christmas break, I passed up the chance to go to my high school class's Christmas party because I didn't have anyone to go with. On top of that, I felt sick. Even so, how crazy is that? I know damn near everybody. What was that fear about? Now I'm looking at pics on Facebook and I see the fun I missed out on.

It seems like everybody has their own thing. Their own significant others, friends, hobbies and I seemed to be lacking in some of those areas. I don't know. I guess I was just feeling a little indifferent.

Today, I feel rejuvenated and ready to get things done. I am inspired again. Take a look at Belle's latest post.

Be empowered!