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Friday, November 23, 2007

I Need Your Prayers!

Normally, I would be at the Battle of the Bands at the Bayou Classic, but my daddy had a setback in his bypass surgery. He is doing well and constantly making improvements in his recovery, but we still need prayer. He still needs prayer. If you would, pray that my daddy recovers and God covers him.

That's it.

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Call Dionne, Not Me!

Some days you just want to be left alone. Today is that day for me. When I walked in the office, you could hear a pin drop. The board meeting (that I don't have to attend, thank God) was in the office next door, so it was just me on this side. Ahh!!!

But paradise can only last for so long.

About 9:30 here comes the roommate with about 40,000 questions and concerns. Dude, I'm chilling. You should see that I'm doing my work and being quite productive (until now). Sometimes, even if no one talks to me, just their presence gets in the way. Maybe that's that only-child syndrome coming out. Anyway, I don't have the answer to everything. I don't know why your computer screen is dim, why your email went to the outbox, why the grass is green or how to print powerpoints in slides. Okay, I know most of those, but I don't feel like I should have to tell you. Especially when you've asked me a million times before.

Furthermore, it makes my skin crawl to hear you complain about things that you are not satisfied with nor can change. Deal with it. Ignoring you completely obviously does not work because after you get no response you still repeat yourself.

I think some of this aggravation is due to the age difference. Some older adults are not technologically inclined, but you have to learn, babes. Even you never had to do any of this at the previous job..tough ish. That's why this is a new job. To learn new things. It's a shame that people get through life depending on other people to do things for them. Even at the age of 50 plus...grow up!

Uh, maybe it's the PMS thing coming out. Maybe?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Hey Kids!

I stayed up long enough to catch a shows last night. Dammit, I just realized I missed Nip Tuck!!! The horror...anyway. Somebody catch me up! Lately, I've been noticing a few things on these shows.

Tell Me You Love Me:
It's a new series on HBO about four couples/individuals who go to therapy to discuss their issues with love, marriage and sex. Even the ancient, white-haired therapist gets her freak on in this one (gross). Just when I was about to ax the premium channels to lower my Comcast bill, I watch it. It's pretty good. Weird, but good. Anyway, this young chick who has commitment issues has a new boo. He's at home and she walks in. Goes straight to the John. Obviously she's taking a Ish with the door cracked. If I were the dude, I'd be like, "Pooh, we cool and all, but you don't know me like that yet. Close the door!"

So while ishing, they're talking about whatever. Arguing rather. She comes clean out the bathroom and continues talking. Notice anything? I did...she didn't wash her damn hands!! EWWW!! Was that written in the script? Don't ever get so caught up in the argument that you forget to wash your hands. It ain't that crucial, I assure you. If you don't wash your hands, you clearly won the argument, hands down. I'll be damned if I continue to argue with someone who doesn't have good hygiene. It's just not worth it. Nasty a$$!

Bianca needs to get over this jealousy thing with Heather. Yeah, she's slightly autistic, she a little awkward, but Tyra 'nem (lol) think otherwise. She was making me so mad constantly making comments about Heather whenever she was complimented on something. People think that talking about someone should make them feel better, when actually all that energy used to tear him/her down could be used for something else. Like getting your modeling game up, making another career move, taking time out to focus on YOURSELF. Whatever your deal is, work on YOU.

The Hills:
You know I had to go there. No matter how much I complain, I can't stop watching. I've become of victim of stupidity. No shame either. Heidi and Spencer together used to annoy the crap out of me. Now, I'm over it. The two of them at her birthday dinner was the most boring date I've ever been on. What the hell do they talk about?

Lauren is always trying to fit her way into the conversation with Whitney and the Teen Vogue crypt-keeper. Poor thing.

The Bluesboro:
Haven't heard of it? That's because it's not a show, it's an actual place in Murfreesboro, TN. What went on there should have been on TV though. The Bluesboro is a sports bar where a monthly gospel brunch is held, starring this guy who shall remain nameless. He's the event MC and self-proclaimed singer, I guess. He even has a little group of back-up singers. Like Kirk Franklin or Myron Butler. The only problem is he can't sing worth a damn!! He thinks he is cuttin' up though. He decided to accompany (be her echo) this young lady singing "Yesterday" by Mary Mary.

Mary Mary was rolling over in their graves and they're not even dead! It was just that bad. I, sitting at a nearby table, immediately put my stunna/diva shades on (to make me disappear) and put my head down. I was silently laughing so hard, my body was shaking. But to God be the glory!

Now I know for a fact, the American Idol auditions are real. These people really think they have talent. HA!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lights Off

After a brief conversation and reflection on my social life, I realized something. I cut people off. No, I cut men off. Like lights off, utilities out, cut off. Forever. Damn near permanently. Let's take inventory, shall we?
A certain guy I dated (if that's what you wanna call it) years ago was not on my page. We were on the same level in terms of education, career, etc., but in other areas, we were off. Way off. I considered him immature and he made me feel...not the best. So naturally, I kicked him to the curb pronto. That worked for me. Even now when I see him he is still asking what went wrong, why we aren't together, yada yada.
This is the deal. When I cut the lights off, I do it with no warning. I just drop off completely. Call me and get the cold shoulder real quick. Is it nice? Not really. Considerate? Not so much. Slightly immature? Yeah, sometimes. But we all know I have this problem with communication. Anyway, I have gotten a little better. That was years ago, as I said before.
Present Day. The young man. Um...I thought we were no longer "dating" since we hadn't seen each other in weeks, close to months. We rarely talk. I tripped at first because I thought he disappeared. Then after I thought about it...the fact that it was a straight fling for me, my delayed playtime, it wasn't based on genuine feelings and was probably some type of defense mechanism for another situation...I was so good with the way things turned out. He calls occasionally on basic chit chat stuff. Nothing too heavy. I felt comfortable talking to him whenever about nothing relating to us, dating, sex, etc. Just friends.
Now he is calling more frequently on some other ish. Like regular lovey-dovey talk, wanting to discuss family issues, during the day no less. I'm not comfortable with it at all. Honestly, it almost repulses me. Dude, we don't get down like that anymore. Damn, I feel bad about that. He obviously needs someone to talk to, but I didn't think it was me.
Anyway, I don't know how to get over this cycle of cutting people off and out of my life. There are others whom I didn't mention. Sometimes, it's good, but other times, it's not. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I should talk to him. Because clearly, he didn't get the memo. I am most definitely. I'm making progress remember? Calling at work always throws me off.
Am I the only like this?
P.S. Thanks for the anniversary comments! Love ya!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Back Again-Happy Blog Anniversary

Hello Again!

I'm should be wrapping up to bounce out of here promptly at 4:45, but after reading B Fab's latest entry, I remembered something. I missed my blog anniversary. It was October 23. I thought, as you do for any other anniversary, you should reflect on the past and look to the future. So here goes:

Since October 23, I have done a lot. Then I started this blog to get back into writing because I just knew that I should have been doing that. Then I was at that funky dead-in job, wanting to shoot myself in the foot to keep from going to work. My boss was the most aggravating being on Planet Earth. I was not feeling that confident in my work due to a sh*tty-boo-boo evaluation, even though I know I rocked that ish. Still I was content. Not as content as I would have liked to be though.

Now, a whole year later, look at what has happened.

-I got another job in a completely different field and I like it. It's finally picking up.

-I started as a blogger for Honey Magazine Online. !!!!

-I got a new car. RIP Sadie. Hello Sadie, the Rebirth. lol

-I write constantly and have been published in a several magazines. My portfolio is growing.

-I moved out and live alone. I can take care of myself completely, though I still hit Moms up for the free meals. She loves me!

-I went through some minor, yet sh*tty dealings with guys, but I have learned from them (I think.).

-I've been traveling. More to come...

-I went through a semi-depression. I hate to call it that, but it was something. Let's call it a withdrawal. But I got over it and I'm back to being me.

-My daddy had a heart attack, but is now healthy and optimistic.

-Daddy went to church. Our church!

-I think I have found my true passion (atleast one of them). Writing!

NONE of this, not one drop is because of me. It was all because of GOD, JESUS CHRIST. I thank him for everything He has done for me. What's He's going to do. How He blesses people in my life, not just me. I thank Him for my talents and for recognizing them. Being able to go after what I want, even when I'm too lazy to do it.

And I can't forget about my friends in the blogsphere. I went from one or two comments from close friends to comments from people all over the country and even my Mama. Even some of my friends have their own blogs now. You guys really help motivate me and let me know I'm not the only crazy, silly chick who thinks the things I do! Thanks so much for reading this blog and all my other stuff. I love reading yours, too! I love ya'll!

Thanks for ridin' with me...now where's my Tony Toni Tone??

So, It's Friday

And I'm not doing much of anything. I'm writing, of course, listening to the roommate talk to her mother's doctor or consultant about whatever. Don't get me wrong, take care of Mother. I'm sure my Mama takes care of Granny's business on the job. But guess what? She has an office to herself. Just her and the four walls. Am I saying don't handle personal biz in here? Hell no! I do it all the time. Can you bring it down though? It's as if she's at the house, better yet, in a damn field. Screaming to the sky.

Point blank, I'm trying to write over here. You're wrecking my flow.

The sound of that Cingular (excuse me--AT&T) ring is on blast and it's going off like every five minutes. Friday is supposed to be a day of peace.

But I digress. These are the days of my life.

Wednesday, I felt sick, so I cancelled class. I managed to make it to my God-son's Halloween party. It was so fun. The people who were there were my age, but naturally, had kids. I was the only one (it was only 4 people) childless. I thought, am I behind on the times? My best friend is having parties for her son, making rotel and cupcakes. Very domestic. Domestic I am not. Not that I was thinking I need to have children. I'm straight on that. But after awhile, the eggs are going to turn to dust. I want to be a fun mom. Young enough to do all that stuff with your kids that makes life fun. But stable enough to provide and make sound decisions for them. Me and my husband both.

Anyway, I'm getting older and with age comes experiences and life stages, i.e. marriage and children. A few friends are talking about maternal instincts and wanting to have children. I'm content where I am. Ironically, I'm great with children. Babies and toddlers LOVE me. It's this thing I have. Ask the 3/6 year olds at my play sister's house who attached themselves to me for three hours straight. Sitting in my lap and crying when I left. Two lil dudes who never give hugs were hugging and giving out kisses to me.

Maybe I should open a daycare....Ok, enough of the jokes.

Have a lovely weekend. Don't forget to read Clutch November.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Clutch: The Music Issue

The issue I have been waiting for is finally here! And not because I have features on J. Holiday and Ian Von. (Smile) I love all the artists featured: Angie Stone, Rissi Palmer, Darien Brockington, Emily King and Kindred Family Soul.

Plus new features Clutch TV and Careers. And fashion, culture and beauty.

Go look...Clutch.