Quarterlife Mocha Girl

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome to the New Millenium

You heard it here first, folks. I finally stepped into 2008 and got a Blackberry. A Blackberry Pearl, to be exact. A RED one. Me likey! I'm so not a tech junkie. It was maybe 2004 before I got a flip phone (when they were the new hotness in 2002). To top that off, I only upgraded to the FREE phones when allowed. Don't knock it till you try it. Most of them have been pretty good. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that internet access on the phone is a must for me. With writing projects (kinda scarce these days), it sucks when I have to wait until I get home or to work to check my email. I need this phone!

So, I received my first check as proof of my raise and it's not too bad! Thank God for his blessings. I try to practice what I preach, so the only expense upgrade I made was the phone. I added to my 401k and will send savings direct deposit to my new ING Orange Account. Email me if you need referral links. There's an extra $25 in it for you!

I'm trying to get rid of this last bit of credit card debt I have by the end of the year. I've been saving for NYC and hopefully another trip to the Dominican Republic that I totally forgot about the ultimate goal....buying a house! Yeah, it needs to be done. I'm trying to access if I really want the responsibility or do I think I'll be over living in an apartment for more than two years. When lease renewal time came, I started thinking hard. Granted, my rent didn't increase (thank God!), there's always a sense of urgency and decisiveness. Anyway, I'm not really rushing. In the meantime, I'm looking for some first-time homeowner programs.

There's just one thing though. Moving has really been on my mind. But to where? Doesn't make much sense to purchase a home and get up and move. But I can't move unless I figure out what I want to do and apply for jobs. Hmm, I'm got work to do, don't you think. Anywhoo, I'm just praying that God directs my path. I love my job. I'm coming into my own here, but I can't look for a job just like this in another city. Maybe it was made for me, hence me staying here for awhile.

Hell, I don't know.

My best friend had her baby last night! Hello, little Justyn! Tee Tee loves ya already.

Why did I stay up later than usual watching Alexyss Tylor videos?! She is as real as real can get. She still talks about sexual things, but she's on point regarding these relationships (or the lack thereof). Check her out!

Not Safe for Work! And disregard her old-ass computer! lol Tell 'em Alexyss!

Um, I think that's it for now.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dating, Laws of Attraction and What Not

I've wanted to blog about this for quite some time, but it's been so much going on. In my head, in my own little world, I have made a decision that I will enjoy life to the fullest. How many times have I said that? Trillions, right? This time, I'm serious. Last weekend, I had a super-depressed pity party about taking on other people's feelings, not doing anything. Life has been a tad boring to me lately. Where's the fun, the excitement? That's what I've been asking myself lately. A lot. Newsflash, I've been hanging out with a dude, but I think I said before that there are no sparks.

Go figure.

Just when I was getting over That One whom I'll affectionately call the roach of my emotional love life (like the bug that won't die no matter how much you spray it or step on it), one of my girls sees him out at a major event. We are convinced that as long as she is around, it's inevitable that we will have an encounter. Even though he is the cutest thing ever with so much personality and a permanent electric smile, because she loves me she did not speak to him. Good job! That would have sparked reason to call me and this cycle would start all over again. No thanks.

Back to the Mr. No Spark though. On paper and in person, he's what's up. I'm trying to get into this thing of hanging out and not looking for Mr. Right every time I meet someone (which is not often). I've had no problems so far. He tells me that he doesn't believe in dating anymore. Two people just should just "hang out" and poof! Before you know it, they're a couple. The "I like you..." spill is unnecessary.

I'm not buying it. Yes, for practicality, it makes sense and it does work out that way at times. How-e-ver, that how men get in the friend zone right quick. How long do you "hang out" before you decide to make a move (verbal or nonverbal)? So my assumptions were correct...shit or get off the pot (complements of my Mama). Or as Dollar Bill would say, "Do sumthin, do sumthin!" Ain't nothing being done, so strap on your seat belt and hold on tight....you're off to the Friend Zone. Stank you smelly much!

Meanwhile, I meet this guy after being a good Samaritan. (Long story). For some odd reason, I met him where he's staying (temporary transplant)and ending up staying there because I couldn't decide where to hang out. ( He could have chopped me up and I would've never been found!) He's cool people. Good conversation and really hospitable. There is some attraction there for me. I don't know what it is. Supposedly we'll do something today, but I have a lot going on. There's more proof that people have "it" and some don't.

It is what it is.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Several Thoughts Come to Mind...

Sometimes, I just don't know...anything. All I can do is wait and see.

When it rains, it pours.

Trouble don't last always.

I'm so tired.

Life...just is.

Damn near sounds depressing, doesn't it? That's because it is, but there is a positive light that beams through the cracks of doubt, unfortunate events and things beyond our control. And it's called faith.

I have it; you should, too. If you don't, get it.

Got it?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Just Got Paid! Random Ish

Just Got Paid, Friday night.....! You remember that song, right? I do. Back in the cut (circa late 80s), I used to ride to school with my next door neighbor and his older brother, Mervyn. He had the whoo-ride also known as some defunct Toyota that hasn't been made probably since then. Equipped with the obligatory Jherri Curl and lonely side-gold tooth, Mervyn used to bump. For a small Toyota with three kids in the back seat, it had major knock in the trunk. And guess what was playing?? Just Got Paid! Or My Possee's on Broadway, etc.

So that's how I feel today. I just got paid thanks to the National Treasury. The economic stimulus payment nor the projected payment schedule are a joke. I gots my money right on time! I refuse to have Bush gank me and spend it all in one place for the sake of the economy. We spend enough money--that's the problem. Gas is THE fool, so I'm saving mine. Take that, take that!

I'm thinking about peacing out on Blogger. It's been fun, but sometimes you gotta switch it up. Wordpress is calling my name.

I still like blogging even thought I don't do it as much. I've been reading some new blogs and I've been inspired all over again. Just like I was in 2006. I was just thinking that I don't tell stories or write real stories anymore. I must get to that.

I have a story was supposedly due this week....it's not done. How about not even started? Shame on me!

How can you date a person if that's not what you consider it to be? You're not really dating then, right? Hmm..still trying to figure that one out...

And lastly....I want to go out dammit!! It's May... Memphis in May (that's a real event, btw)!